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Top 7 Reasons to Rent an Apartment Home
Photo courtesy of Camden Noda
Photo courtesy of Camden Noda
Jourdan Garcia
Wednesday, Mar. 20, 2024

Are you looking to move, and you don’t know where to start? How do I know if an apartment is right for me? Do I look into purchasing a home? You are not alone! Moving and finding your perfect home is a huge decision. It can be stressful and having second doubts on whether you are making the right decision or not is completely normal!

Renting comes with tons of great benefits! Check out my list of why you should rent your next home!

Life Events Happen!

New dog? New baby? Just married? All these life events come with the question of whether to move to adjust to your new chapter of life. Whether you’re downsizing or adding more space, renting makes it easy!

At Camden, you can transfer within your lease contract to any Camden nationwide or to a different apartment in your current community.

Most people think after a new addition or becoming newly married; a house is the answer. You would be surprised how easy it is to find an apartment that works just right. You can even add things to your registry that would fit right into your new apartment home!

Maintenance Free Living

The best part about living in an apartment community is the maintenance-free living that comes with it! Don’t want to spend your Saturday morning pulling weeds? Landscaping is taken care of! Wake up to manicured grass and flowers with leaves blown and trees trimmed without having to lift a finger.

If anything goes wrong in your apartment, Camden has a 24x7 maintenance team that are trained to help fix and make repairs in your home!

If you don’t know why your A/C isn’t working, no sweat! The team will be there for you and get everything back up and running in no time.

Amenities Enhance Your Life

All the amenities that come with living in an apartment community are another perk that is hard to beat.

Enjoy access to resort-style pools, fully equipped fitness centers and spacious clubhouses! If you buy a home with a pool or put together a DIY at-home gym, all the maintenance is on you!

Most people hire professionals to upkeep their pools or have to Google how to get their treadmill back up and running. When you rent, let your Camden team take care of the upkeep! All you have to do is sit back and relax by the pool or pop in your headphones and turn on the treadmill.

Camden Durham and Camden Village District will have a beautiful outdoor pool with sundeck.

Photo courtesy of Camden Durham

Flexibility When You Need It

When renting an apartment home, the luxury of flexibility is right at your fingertips. Need to cancel your lease? Need a short-term rental? Need to relocate due to a new job? We got you! Rather than having the weight of trying to find a buyer for your home, you have the freedom to let go and move on to the next big thing. Remember to notify your Camden team when you do make the decision to move! Your community’s team will tell you everything you need to know and help make your move out a seamless transition.

Location Is Everything

Camden's apartment communities are located in highly sought-after neighborhoods, often with a variety of activities and shopping nearby. It makes it easy to enjoy where you live when you get to do all your favorite things either in walking distance or a very close drive away.

A great example is our community Camden Foothills in the middle of a shopping hub in DC Ranch. You can go shopping for groceries, visit the nail salon and meet a friend for dinner all steps away from your apartment door.

The Awesome Camden Team

At Camden, we take pride in the people who help you, whether it is finding your next home, resolving your concerns, or repairing your next service issue. Maintenance, office, or management team members; we are all happy to help and want to provide the best living experience for you.

Maintenance team member showing manager kitchen appliance at Camden apartments

Photo courtesy of Camden Centreport

Sense of Community

Renting an apartment home means you also get a sense of community with your neighbors. You can meet your neighbors at food truck events, share comments on a community board and come to the office to get your furry friend treats! Getting along with your neighbors and making a positive impact in your community is the best. If you want to be a better neighbor, a few neighborly acts can make someone smile.

Want to sign your lease and rent your new home today? I know I do, but I already live at a Camden! Schedule a tour and see why Camden is the place to be for every type of renter.

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