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Revamp Your Wellness: Apartment-Friendly Fitness Ideas
Fully Equipped Fitness Center at Camden Tempe. Photo Courtesy of Camden.
Fully Equipped Fitness Center at Camden Tempe. Photo Courtesy of Camden.
Ashton Gaconnier
Thursday, Jan. 18, 2024

New Year’s Resolutions are meant to hold us accountable and motivate us to make the best out of a new year. New year, better me, right? Over the years, the majority of these resolutions pertain to fitness, dieting and self-care.

Living in an apartment community can help make us get creative with our fitness goals. Here are a few ideas that I have adopted over the years to meet my fitness goals, and they are easy to implement at your Camden community!

Sprint Into 2024 On a Nearby Trail

Running, in my opinion, is one of the best forms of therapy. Nothing beats long strides and the wind blowing through your hair, especially on a nice day. Lace up your sneakers, put on a great playlist and find a nearby trail closest to your apartment. If you do not enjoy running outside, you can run on one of the treadmills in your community’s fitness center.

Here are a few nearby Camden Tempe and Camden Sotelo:

-Tempe Town Lake Trail

-Double Butte Loop Trail

-Papago Park Loop

-Rio Salado Pathway- Salt River Shore

HIIT the Athletic Club

There are countless workouts you can do in a smaller space, such as your apartment’s living room. Why make space in your home to work out when your community has a 24/7 athletic club, perfect for a high-intensity interval training workout?

Grab a yoga mat to do a quick Ab workout and some dumbbells or a jump rope to get your heart rate up. Follow along with a HIIT workout from a popular social media account, or grab a neighbor to show you the ropes.

Camden Tempe West Apartments in Tempe Arizona 24-hour fitness center with strength training machines and dumbbell free weights

Get your daily lunges in at the 24/7 fully equipped gym at Camden Tempe West in Tempe, AZ. Photo Courtesy of Camden.

Dive into a Sparkling Pool For a Few Laps

As a competitive swimmer growing up, I know that a quick session in the pool is a solid way to get a workout in, especially on a tight schedule. Swimming boosts your metabolism and works almost every muscle in your body. If you do not want to put stress on your joints (that a run or bodyweight exercise may do) swimming is a great alternative to be kinder to your body. In Arizona, our pools are heated during the winter months, so there is no excuse not to get in that 30-minute workout before you leave for work!

Resort style swimming pool

Dive into the pool at Camden Sotelo in Tempe, AZ. Photo courtesy of Camden.

De-Stress All Your Worries Away In Your Community’s Yoga Room

Yoga is a great workout for mobility, flexibility, balance, and body awareness. In general, a complete yoga workout can help keep your joints healthy, improve posture and strengthen your muscles and mind.

This is a great way to add in aspects of your newfound fitness regime that you may not be getting in your other workouts. Your community’s fitness center is equipped with yoga mats, and some even have a designated yoga space to have a more private yoga session, free of distractions.

Cycle Your Thoughts In a Fun Workout Class.

Who needs a monthly cycling membership when you have bikes in your apartment fitness center? Cycling can build up your cardiovascular endurance, and it is a fun form of cardio too! Cycle at your own pace on a stationary bike along with a corresponding playlist and ride to the rhythm of your choice.

Cycling workouts are typically low-impact and more suited to anyone who may need a simpler workout routine in the new year. Rain or shine, you never have to worry about the weather when indoor cycling.

Camden Tempe Apartments Tempe Arizona 24-Hour Fitness Center Yoga and Pilates Room

Lock in your first cycle workout at Camden Tempe's spin room in Tempe, AZ. Photo courtesy of Camden.

Check Out Your Camden Resident Perks Program For Any Nearby Workout Class Discounts

Want to join a local fitness gym or take a few classes that may not be offered in your Camden community? Talk to your favorite Camden team member about your community’s Perks Program. There may be a local gym or class that has discounts for nearby Camden residents.

Creating a fitness routine that works best for you and your schedule is key to achieving your resolution goals throughout the new year. No matter which Camden community you live in, there is a fitness regime that can be made perfect for you. Grab a friend or neighbor and get active! This year is solely about bettering ourselves in the best way possible. We can’t wait to see how you get creative with your fitness ideas this year!

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