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The Zen Approach to Growing an Indoor Herb Garden
photo courtesy of Pexels
photo courtesy of Pexels
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Tuesday, Sep. 6, 2022

Life has a funny way of showing you your place in the world and your control over it. Whether it be traffic on your way to work, or the weather channel calling for sunny skies only for you to be met with a torrential downpour, unforeseen occurrences are virtually inevitable; however, one thing is certain - you can’t control everything.

An indoor herb garden can provide just the right amount of tranquil control to mute the noise around you; all the while filling your home with fragrance and elegant greenery. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to get started.

Right Plants, Right Time

It is not an exaggeration to say that the success of your indoor herb garden is determined right from the start. The life of your precious plants hangs in the balance based upon which herbs you choose to garden. Most herbs can typically grow indoors, however, there are those that thrive over others such as basil, mint, or oregano.

Location, Location, Location

When growing herbs indoors, it is vital to understand the nature of your herbs and their differences in order to cultivate the best environment for healthy and successful growth.

For example, though it may be perfectly fine to grow multiple herbs in the same container in an outdoor garden, the same cannot be said for the practice indoors. It is nearly impossible to create the perfect conditions for varying herbs if all are nestled in the same pot. Planting in separate containers allows for flexibility.

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Less is More

When tending to your indoor garden, it is important to note the resilience of these plants and not overbear them with too much water, fertilizer, or plant food. An infrequent and slow watering method has proven to work best. Allow the soil to dry out a little in between watering.

Your Plants' Love Language = Attention

Studies have shown that the act of talking to plants helps by propelling carbon dioxide that the plants, in turn, convert into food. Even gently brushing or petting our herbs promotes movement by simulating the motion of blowing wind and assists with stem strength. It is also really soothing and kind of fun!

These are just a few tips and tricks that we can control to develop the perfect indoor herb garden. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, though! Have fun and change it up with a macramé hanging garden or vintage milk crate garden! Communities such as Camden Fallsgrove have balcony and patios that would display this perfectly! A chalkboard wall planter is a great project for kids in schools. Our garden should fit our effort and style. Remember the sky is the limit, but our herbs must reach it from the ground, so make sure your foundation is steady!

Photo by Wendy Wei:

photo courtesy of Pexels

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