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Create a Vibrant Patio or Balcony: 3 Things to Consider
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
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Friday, May. 21, 2021

Have you ever wanted to get away from it all without having to leave the comfort of your own space? Sometimes the best ways to approach a situation are the simplest. We will tell you three things to consider when transforming your patio to open a whole new world right at your doorstep.

As we start another lap around life’s seasonal track, we find ourselves rounding the corner leaving Spring, and passing our proverbial baton off to the Summer. What better way to greet the blissfully blistering blaze of the summer sun than with a heart and home-warming, do-it-yourself win?

How many of us spent the winter months daydreaming of cocktails with friends while lazing around our apartment home? Last year kept many of us inside without a change in scenery to help break the monotony.  Well, resolutions are not exclusive to the New Year.

For Camden Stockbridge team member Ann Marie, such initiatives were just what the doctor ordered. An innate style, flare for the aesthetic, and a bit of elbow grease allowed her to provide her porch with a significant facelift to help her gain a new perspective. Utilizing artificial turf and inexpensive latticework, she was able to bring to life a gorgeous, vibrant backdrop. The addition of floral arrangements, tasteful patio furniture, soft touches like a pretty tablecloth and seat covers helped to complete this wonderful look!

Ann Marie Patio

Ann Marie on her Camden balcony - Photo courtesy of Maurice Goins

Ann Marie completely revamped her surroundings in three easy steps to create her own personal oasis, allowing her a moment’s reprieve whenever she feels. The good news is that with a bit of effort and resolve, you can make a change too! Consider these three easy steps, and you too can transform your patio living space into your own personal getaway.

  • Consider the Community

When planning any changes to your apartment home, keep your apartment community in mind. Please be sure not to make modifications to the walls, buildings, or surfaces that are permanent. Save yourself the trouble and ensure that everything is easily removable. If you have any questions, contact your leasing office for clarification and check out our recent blog about renter-friendly decor ideas.

  • Consider the Light

Depending on which direction your patio or balcony faces, sunlight can have a drastic effect. An affordable string of solar-powered lights can help set the mood, creating a unique ambiance for those nighttime gatherings. Installing privacy curtains is also an excellent way to moderate light and heat on hot, summer days.​

  • Consider the Cost

Home improvement doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking endeavor. Much of what you’d need can be found reasonably priced at your local home goods store. Solar-powered lights ($16.00)  + artificial turf ($2.39/yard) +  flower pots ($25.00) + latticework ($4.00)+ ol’ fashioned elbow grease = a priceless patio party (or, $102.00 for the grand total!)

Keep these things and mind and begin the journey to home improvement! You can find the inexpensive products we referred to at any home goods store. For more ideas on how to design your patio or find inexpensive DIY projects, read more on the Simply Camden blog!

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