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Renter-Friendly Decor Ideas
Photo courtesy of Unsplash
Photo courtesy of Unsplash
Brooke Kinert
Tuesday, Apr. 20, 2021

We live in an age of TikTok videos and YouTube accounts that showcase easy ways to liven up your living space all on your own. While these ideas are plenty inspirational, it can be overwhelming to sift through and find the ideas that are truly easy enough to “DIY” and that really work. So, I did the work for you and found the best renter-friendly decor options to try out in your apartment home.

Peel & Stick Wallpaper at Target

Let's face it, neutral walls are simple and tasteful but they can leave a lot to be desired.  While you may not want a colorful pattern on every wall, one or two patterned walls can take your apartment home from cute to chic.

Target offers easy-to-use peel and stick wallpaper in various fun patterns. The best part is, it leaves no trace of glue or residue when you take it down! It’s moisture protectant, which means you can even put it in the bathroom or use it to cover a piece of furniture that might need a revamp. Order it for delivery or curbside pickup here.

Peel and stick wallpaper

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Towel or Blanket Ladder

Do you have more towels to store than you do towel bars in your bathroom? Purchase or build your own towel ladder to lean in your bathroom, or you can use it for blankets in your living room. This can provide some extra hanging storage without drilling into any walls, and it will also add a lot of character to your space.

There are various ways to utilize a leaning ladder, which you can explore more here.

Ladder with blankets hung

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Peel & Stick Backsplash Tiles

While most Camden kitchens and bathrooms will come with beautiful backsplash and countertops, maybe it’s not quite the style or color scheme you were envisioning. There are lots of great peel and stick backsplash products out there that can go straight onto the wall, or over the existing backsplash, leaving no trace when you remove it.

It comes in very modern, up-to-date styles, such as this subway hexagon you can get at your nearest Home Depot.

Stylish Adhesive Window Film

Adhesive window film is not only an awesome way to spice up a space with a window, but it also adds a level of privacy to that area as well. The film can be sized for any window you have in your apartment and is stuck right onto the glass using the easy-peel on the back. It’s offered in super cute patterns and will turn that window opaque. This offers privacy, but also still allows sunlight to come into the space - a win-win! You can order some adorable patterned window film here.

Command Hooks

Last but not least are the always reliable command hooks. These can be found at any Walmart, Target, or most hardware stores. They allow you to hang up any wall art or picture frames without putting a single nail into the wall. They stick right onto the wall and are super strong. They are offered in various sizes and will specify on their packaging how much weight each one can hold. With the help of command hooks, you can make a gallery wall of your dreams! Find some more inspiration for a gallery wall here.

We want your Camden apartment to be your own unique space that showcases your amazing interior eye. With the help of these products, we hope you take on some DIYs and don’t let the fear of damaging your apartment get in the way of making it totally your own!

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