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Awesome Tips and Tricks for Damage-Free Decorating
Photo courtesy of istockphoto
Photo courtesy of istockphoto
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Monday, Apr. 24, 2017

One of the best things about getting a new apartment is decorating it, but a lot of renters are wary of adding personal touches to their homes because they are afraid that damage may be left when they move out. I'm here to tell you not to worry any longer. Living in an apartment definitely, does not mean you have to live in the land of the bland. There are plenty of damage-free decorating options that will allow you to leave your mark on your home, just not a permanent one.

damage-free decorating

Removable Wallpaper

Wait. What did she just say? Wallpaper? Yes. Yes, I did. Adding pops of color and patterns does not begin and end with pillows and throws. You can actually put up wallpaper that peels off just as easily as it goes on. Walls Need Love has the most insane collection of damage-free peel-and-stick wallpapers you have ever seen. They have wallpapers for every decor, have reasonable prices and each purchase actually pays the artist that designed them for their craft. Accent walls are probably the best way to go but, hey, if you want to invest the time to do more than one wall in a room, I bow down. If you do decide to go with wallpaper, I recommend a little tool. It is called a Tempaper Squeegee, and it will change your life.  

damage-free decorating

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Wall Decals

Right in line with wallpaper are damage-free wall decals. The difference is they won't cover an entire surface area corner to corner, they are basically pieces. Walls Need Love also carries amazing wall decals and so does All Posters. You can get decals of quotes, flowers, patterns, celestial beings and so much more. Whatever tickles your fancy, wall decals truly are great for any room in your home. Nurseries are wonderful rooms to use decals because as children grow, their room decor will change with them. It is brilliant to be able to have the kind of flexibility that decals lend you. 

Kitchen Backsplash

Did you know that they make peel-and-stick backsplash?! It's a revelation. Many of our Camden communities boast upgraded or brand new kitchens, that offer beautiful subway tile or mosaic backsplashes however, this may not always be the case, whether it is Camden or not. Having a fabulous backsplash can really take a kitchen to the next level. Peel-and-stick backsplashes are completely damage-free and come in a myriad of options. Places like Home Depot and Lowe's are great places to find them. Do note that while it is not a painstaking task to put them up or take them down, it is a bit time-consuming. When you are ready to remove them, make sure you follow these removal tips.  If you don't want to go the peel-and-stick route, you aren't completely out of options. You can use peel-and-stick vinyl or single tiles with glue dots (this one may not be the most reliable as far as sticking for long periods of time). 

Washi Tape Gallery Wall

Are you able to hammer nails into your walls? Or are you not? Either way, I have two words. Washi. Tape. Y'all. Oh, my goodness gracious. This stuff is out of Japan, and it comes in so many designs that you'll lose your mind. It's basically glamorous masking tape. Cute Tape has quite the selection from which to choose. This tape makes hanging photos on the wall almost like a fashion tape show.  You can mix and match, use a solid color, whatever you choose - the best part is it comes right off. 100% damage-free and that is the theme here after all. Besides not damaging your walls, it also won't damage what you are hanging, whether it's photographs, magazine cutouts, or certain types of paper in some instances. You can visit Pixersize for awesome ideas on Washi Tape frames, dots, and art. 

Living with private balcony

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Tapestries are fabulous and so versatile. They can be used in the living room like the photo above, they can be used behind the bed as a makeshift headboard, or behind a crib - endless possibilities. Urban Outfitters has quite an array of tapestries. You can hang a tapestry in a couple of ways. Command makes these decorator clips you can stick to your wall (and are, wait for it...damage-free) and then clip the tapestry securely to the wall. If you want to go the hole-in-the-wall route because YOLO and your landlord allows it as long as you patch it up, hanging a curtain rod to display it is quite the statement. It looks amazing. 

Hanging Terrariums

They are super easy to maintain and look freakishly neat. That is not to say other plants are not options, by any means. Just make sure you find something that does not need to outgrow the size of the terrarium itself. Now, for hanging them. I'm breaking out the Command brand again. You just can't go wrong with them. They make Command ceiling hooks and that is what we're using here as our damage-free vessel. Now mind you, these babies only hold half a pound which translates into very small terrariums like the ones that World Market sells. Sweet little plants can go inside these. Also, just to throw it out there, they can totally be faux plants. Judgment-free zone. 

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are so delicate and lovely. When done in an appropriate, non-invasive, non-overwhelming way, they really add something special. Those Command ceiling hooks I gushed over earlier are literally perfect for these. Paper lanterns are incredibly lightweight so you can use twine, ribbon, or string to hang them. They make lanterns that have lights in them (make sure they are battery-operated) as well as in different shapes like round, diamond, or star-shaped. 

String Lights

String lights are glorious. I have them in my apartment and I can't put into words how in love with them I am. When you think of the word ambiance, this is what they mean. Whether it is your bedroom, your living room or, in my case, the dining room, you can't go wrong. Buzzfeed put together an epic list of ways to use them. I would say definitely get the battery-operated one, so you don't have to worry about outlets...unless you need to for the bigger bulb lights. Battery-operated lights allow for more freedom in the placement. Can you guess what I'm going to say next? Command hook them. The clear Command decorating clips are legit for the job. 

In addition to all of these I, of course, can't leave out doing things like buying rugs, pillows, throws, and knick-knack items. They do a great job of adding personality as well in the 'been there, done that' category. Oh, and please feel free to hang picture frames and whatever your heart desires on the wall - just use those nifty little Command strips to do the job and keep it damage-free. Now I just have one question for you. Which one of these fun damage-free decor options will you do first? Need a few tips to decorate your balcony? See how you can make your balcony lit!

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