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Four Fresh Ways To Reenergize your Resolutions
Photo courtesy of unsplash
Photo courtesy of unsplash
Brooke Kinert
Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021

The turn of the calendar year prompted us to make resolutions; promises to ourselves that this year will be different. New year, new me! This is the year I finally (insert a big goal) for good! After what is usually a hectic holiday season that starts in... let’s be real, October, lots of people focus on health and fitness goals. If you’re also like a lot of people, by late January and early February, those big resolutions are already a source of angst that you are not getting them done.  

Worry not, my friend, I am here to suggest a few simple apartment living friendly ways that may help you close in on those big goals. The good news is you can start at any time – no resolution pressure here! Small wins over time can create lasting change, and it is always good to take #reallife into account. 

Cook More, Takeout Less

This resolution does triple-duty. Here’s what I mean.  

  • Using your chef-inspired Camden kitchen as a classroom to learn how to cook will equip you with skills you can use throughout your lifetime. 

  • Cooking at home more often = money saved and the ability to stretch your budget.  

  • And finally, even if you are cooking an indulgent meal, chances are your home-cooked meal will still be healthier than a restaurant or take-out meal. #MindfulMeals 

Camden apartment kitchen

Whip up a healthy homecooked meal in your Camden apartment kitchen

Use the Fitness Center

If I learned anything during 2020 and 2021 it was – staying home does not have to equal couch confinement. Certainly, I had impressive binge-watching times like everyone else, but I quickly realized incorporating movement or exercise into my day relieved that ‘cooped up’ feeling tremendously. 

Whether you're venturing outside for a short walk around the neighborhood, apartment community, exploring trails at a nearby park, or making a quick trip to the fitness center, a little action goes a long way.  

Start with a small fitness goal. Schedule 10-15 minutes in your day to do 1-3 compound exercises for 2-3 sets, then be done! After a few weeks of consistency, increase the time you put in – even if it is only a minute or two, rinse, and repeat.  


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Mix Up Your Apartment Décor

We are all about simple ways to make your apartment feel like home, your personalized sanctuary. Because so many of us have spent more time at home, in many cases, living AND working from home, we understand and respect the urge to stir things up a bit. Impactful transformations don’t require Extreme Home Makeover-level effort – all you need is a hint of inspiration. Simple things like a pop of color on a throw pillow, a new lamp, or a framed art print you’ve been admiring online can go a long way to refreshing your space. 

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Opening yourself up to new people can be beneficial not only for your own well-being but engaging with your community has a ripple effect that can benefit others. So, engage in small talk or bring over some baked goods – a little effort can go a long way. 

There are many other ways to get great at your big goals, but these suggestions incorporate resources you already have at your disposal – so, why not? It does not matter when you start or what you name it; resolution, goal, plan… start small, and see how the little things can add up.

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