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The Best Home Office - A Small Space with Big Impact
Photo courtesy of Camden Midtown Atlanta
Photo courtesy of Camden Midtown Atlanta
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Saturday, Jul. 16, 2022

Working from home has become the new norm and with that a necessity to create the perfect home office. If you’ve found a new job that offers the ability to work remotely, or are transitioning to working from home, it can be daunting if you haven’t planned a dedicated workspace in your apartment home.

Never fear, your Camden team has you covered with these great tips so you can make the most out of your home office space!

1) Verticality is Key

When putting together a home office in an apartment, we often just think of all the space directly on the desktop. To really get the most out of your space, both in terms of utility and personalization, you can use the space above your desk!

With a multitude of styles and sizes, floating shelves are a great way to maximize the potential of your home office (at a great price too!).

Keep it clean and simple with low-profile shelves, or branch out and express yourself with a more rustic look to really bring the space together.

Use your newfound surfaces to store office supplies, perch your webcam for all those video meetings, or add some fun decorations! Did you know some of our Camden communities even have apartment homes available WITH built-in desks and shelves? How great is that!?

Photo by Huy Phan:

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Photo by Huy Phan courtesy of Pexels

2) Make the Space Your Own!

Working from home gives you the freedom to really express yourself, especially now that you have some wonderful new shelves. Whether you choose to show off your green thumb, or you opt for a more pop-culture approach with art or photos. The options are endless!


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Photo by Anete Lusina, courtesy of Pexels

3) Become a Master of Organization

It’s easier to focus in an uncluttered space. It takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be keeping your desk surface clear without thinking too hard about it. Start by buying, repurposing, or thrifting a few bins, baskets, or boxes to group your office supplies together. Store and sort mail or paperwork in file folders. It’ll be easier to find what you need when you need it, and you’ll have a clean, productive atmosphere in your apartment home office.

Visit Simply Camden often to learn more tips on apartment living, and how to make working from home work for you!

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