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How to Incorporate Vintage Finds into Your Apartment Home
Photo courtesy of Pexels
Photo courtesy of Pexels
Kaitlyn Burgess
Monday, Sep. 13, 2021

Stephen King once wrote, “Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” Although he was not referencing home furnishings, it makes sense why vintage items from the 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond have become highly coveted in recent years. Whether it’s a mid-century modern sofa or bohemian credenza, every vintage piece has a story to tell. If you are new to thrifting or a seasoned pro, read on to discover how you can incorporate vintage finds into your own design aesthetic!


Vintage light fixtures come in all shapes and colors. You can find everything from opulent chandeliers to industrial floor lamps at your local antique mall. Strategic lighting can not only help your space appear larger, but it can also help set the overall mood in your apartment home. Using a light fixture that contrasts with its surrounding will create balance within your space. For a more an apartment home with a more industrial feel, such as Camden Cotton Mills, opt for light fixtures with a softer feel to create a sense of balance against the polished concrete floors.

Pro tip: Don’t be detoured if you find the perfect lamp but it doesn’t come complete with a matching shade. You can easily mix a modern shade with a vintage lamp base to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

photo courtesy of Charlotte May via Pexels

photo courtesy of Charlotte May via Pexels

Wall Art

If your walls are feeling a little bare, consider adding a vintage painting or wall clock as a statement piece to liven them up. The starburst shape commonly seen throughout the mid-twentieth century is a great way to add interest to otherwise plain walls.

Pro tip: Advertisements salvaged from old magazines can be made into works of art by adding an eye-catching frame. Consider opting for an ornate gold or silver frame to add interest and voila you have a custom work of art! Find a treasure-trove of vintage advertisements like this (and more!) at Sleepy Poet Antique Mall, only minutes away from Camden South End on South Boulevard.

Old Crow advertisement  - photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Burgess

photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Burgess


Seating is another functional way to add a thrifted find from the past into your apartment home. Similar to lighting, you can use color to create balance in your space. For example, if your apartment has mostly cool tones (think white or grey), consider leaning into the bright oranges and greens of the 1970s. C’mon chartreuse!

Pro tip: If you find seating that is in less than stellar condition, consider enlisting the help of a local specialist to refinish/reupholster the piece. Sometimes even a fresh coat of varnish can breathe new life into a well-loved piece.

Incorporating vintage finds into your apartment home might take some experimenting and will likely be something you slowly add to over time. Don’t be afraid to utilize design elements from different decades; the more eclectic, the better. Remember, there is no right or wrong, so just have fun with it! For other great decorating tips read the Simply Camden blog and search the Lifestyle or Things to Do categories!

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