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Space-saving Hacks for Your Camden Apartment
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
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Tuesday, Apr. 19, 2022

Whether you live in a 3-bedroom apartment or a studio, it can seem like there is never enough space for all of the things we accumulate as consumers. In the age of WFH (Work from Home), where the boundaries between office and dwelling space are often blurred, it is even more important for there to be a place for everything and for everything to have its place.

Regardless of the size of your Camden apartment, there are probably areas that are not living up to their full potential. When you consider the wasted space that exists underneath a bed, behind a closet door, or even in the shower, it adds up. Read on to discover a few space-saving hacks and the products that will help you get more organized along the way!


Kitchens can often be a difficult space to make sense of, especially if you have multiple people living in your household. Counter space can feel especially limited, as most of us regularly keep a gaggle of appliances out on our counters such as a toaster, blender, and air fryer. A Lazy Susan is a great tool to organize smaller items that we have an abundance of, such as spices and condiments, without taking up a lot of space. Some Lazy Susans are even multi-tiered, maximizing vertical space that might also be otherwise wasted. You can also use Lazy Susans in your lower kitchen cabinets for easy access to your pots and pans.

Modern gray kitchen with white quartz countertops, gray soft-close cabinets and hardwood-style flooring

Photo courtesy of Camden Buckhead

Bedroom and Closet

While many of us are guilty of pushing things under our bed that we have nowhere else to store (or that we are just tired of looking at), that doesn’t mean this space can’t be maximized. Try utilizing under the bed space by using storage containers on wheels or stationary drawers that give you easy access to your belongings, while simultaneously keeping them out of view. Think about storing seasonal clothing in these containers, such as your heavy winter sweaters. This is also the perfect space to store extra linens or bath towels.

Maximizing closet space can be tricky, but luckily many Camden apartments such as Camden Dilworth offer custom built-in shelving in every floor plan. These are fantastic because you can truly take advantage of every inch of space. You can put heavy or bulky items underneath the shelving unit, such as a suitcase, while simultaneously stacking things like shoe boxes on top.

Camden Music Row Apartments Penthouse walk-in closet with custom shelves

Photo courtesy of Camden Music Row

Speaking of shoes, have you ever gotten the feeling that your shoe collection is beginning to multiply and is slowly taking over your life?? Never fear! Think *vertically* and take advantage of the space behind your closet door or even your bedroom door that might otherwise be wasted. This canvas over-the-door shoe caddy is the perfect thing to organize your shoes, especially the ones you may not be wearing on a daily basis. No more tripping over your shoes when you enter a room, plus, you will know exactly where your favorite pair is stored – a win-win!


Whether you are getting ready for work or brushing your teeth before bed, bathrooms are an important space within our home and can often feel a bit cluttered with products. If you are running out of places to store your shampoo and body wash, try a shower caddy that you simply place over your shower head. As an added bonus this will keep you from knocking any bottles over when exiting your bath/shower. You can also use a single Command hook on your shower wall as the designated home for your loofah – sanitary and efficient!

If the counter space in your bathroom is beginning to feel tight, try using an acrylic organizing system. This system from The Container Store is customizable so you can design in with as many layers as you’d like to fit your needs. Although these organizing systems are usually advertised for make-up storage, don’t let that limit you. They can be used to store a variety of items like lotions, hair styling products, or medicine - no more cluttering up your valuable bathroom counter space!

Sometimes it’s not a matter of how much space you have, but what you do with that space. Even an apartment of 500 square feet can feel spacious; it’s just a matter of how you organize the belongings inside. For inspiration, you can always take a stroll around your local Container Store to discover even more ways you can maximize the space inside of your Camden Apartment. And if all else fails, many Camden communities offer onsite storage units for rent – many starting as low as $20/month. Reach out to your leasing office for additional details and happy de-cluttering!

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