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12 Ways to Home Edit for Less
Photo courtesy of unsplash
Photo courtesy of unsplash
Amanda Black
Monday, May. 17, 2021

The Home Edit took our quarantine world by storm and had us all thinking about how we could organize our lives into zones, complete with beautiful labels and rainbow hues. But the pandemic also made us aware of where we could cut back on costs—no need to overspend on the pricey Container Store boxes and bins. You can still organize and edit without breaking the bank! Here’s how!


Apartments and extra storage are two things that typically don’t go together.  Good thing most Camden apartments provide storage in the kitchen, whether in extra cabinet space or a dedicated pantry.  You’ll want to use your space efficiently, and these products can help!

Kitchen Cabinet Turntable

The Home Edit loves a good turntable, aka Lazy Susan!  This one is my favorite for its low price and durability, plus you can use it anywhere.  Also comes in two sizes!

Kitchen Cabinet Turntable

Square Food Storage Container Set

This is the best price I’ve found for high-quality containers. Note – This set is only available at Walmart.

Square Storage Containers

Two-Tier Organizer Drawers with Dividers

These drawers are a personal favorite of all my organizers!  Maximize your space and easily find what you need!  Available on Amazon and, so watch out for a sale.  Also available in multiple sizes!

Two-Tier Organizational Drawers

Over-the-Door Cabinet Towel Bar

Unlike beautiful bathrooms, kitchens rarely have a great place to stash your dish or hand towel.  I love this specific low-priced, easy to hang bar!  Available in most stores, but Amazon offers a 2-pack!

Over-the-door cabinet towel bar


Extra towels, toilet paper, your backstock of endless makeup samples…we all have things that need to be stored in the bathroom.  Utilize your space well in your beautiful Camden apartment with these items!

Cabinet and Drawer Storage

One of my favorite organizational quotes: “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”  Adding simple, dollar store bins and dividers to cabinets and drawers, like these, easily provides a designated, separated place for everything to go.  Now you just have to put it away!

Drawer storage containers

Riser Shelf

Like your pantry, you want to get the most out of any cabinet space or linen closet.  These metal shelves are small enough to add valuable space and durable enough to hold heavy products like jumbo shampoo bottles or cleaning supplies.

Metal riser shelf

Cleaning Products

After following these 3 easy steps to make your apartment sparkle, it’s easy to just throw your cleaning products in a cabinet and call it a day.  Organize all of your products together in a plastic caddy to easily move them from room to room.  Even easier: keep products stored together in your mop bucket!

Cleaning products stored in a mop bucket


Closets at Camden are known for being large and fabulous.  At Camden Shadow Brook, they could even be an extra room!  Camden Belmont boasts customizable built-ins.  If you don’t already have designated spaces, a large closet can quickly become unorganized.  Use these tips to maximize your space and make room for all of your online shopping purchases.

Hanging Shoe Organizer

I’m about to blow your mind!  You can use a simple shoe organizer from Amazon for something other than shoes!  Purchase simple plastic shoe boxes at the dollar store and create hanging drawers for small items like socks, scarves, undergarments, ties, and other accessories.

Hanging shoe organizer with plastic bins for storage

Shoe Rack

Most people assume a shoe rack goes on the floor.  Try putting a simple shoe rack, like this Target one, on a shelf to create extra space on the floor.  No judgment if you fill that extra floor space with more shoes.

Shoe rack on closet shelf


Bonus section for my pet parents!  At Camden, we love our pets!  Keep your furry friend’s items contained to create a clean look.  We’ll ignore the hair on the couch.

Sticky, Removable Hooks

Getting your deposit back at move-out is crucial, and sticky hooks are your lifesaver!  My favorite use is sticking them inside a closet or cabinet to create extra hanging space for pet leashes.  Bonus: You can attach one inside a kitchen cabinet to hold your dish towel too! 

Sticky hooks used to hold dog leashes

Fabric Bins for Toy Storage

As a pet parent, it’s inevitable that you’ll have toys strewn across the floor.  Keep your floor clean by storing them in a fabric bin.

Fabric storage bin for dog toys

Food Storage Container

Leaving your pet’s food in an unsealed container can invite pests and a curious pet.  Use a plastic locking container to keep food fresh and organized.

Dog food storage bin

Pet Treat Containers

You don’t have to break the bank to keep pet treats organized.  The dollar store has various options that are inexpensive and durable, and adorable enough to show off!

Dog treat storage container

Bonus: Labels

The Home Edit made me want to label anything and everything.  But custom labels get pricey!  I found that simple dollar store name tags and stickers work just as well. 

Labels on food storage containers

Now that your space is organized, check out these renter-friendly décor ideas to give your rooms a refresh!  Looking to organize and declutter even more?  Follow these 3 simple steps to spring clean your closet, then check out these tips for keeping your home fresh and clean this summer.

There are tons of great products out there to help you organize your space.  These are just a few of my personal favorites, so this list does not include any affiliate links or sponsored products. I hope this helps you find the ones that work best for your space!  Happy Home Editing!

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