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3 Simple Steps to Spring Clean Your Closet
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Monday, Mar. 19, 2018

Spring has officially sprung and what better way to jump start your spring cleaning then by cleaning out your closet?  Camden apartment homes come with spacious walk-in closets, but it is still a good idea to go through your closet and give it a quick cleaning. If you are like me, you can hang onto things in your closet for way too long!  Whether you are saving it for that special occasion to wear it to, hoping one day it will fit again, or simply hanging onto it for nostalgic reasons, I have found 3 simple tips to help you start your closet clear out!

Set Aside Time to Complete Your Project & Separate Clothes into 3 Different PilesGetting rid of item every now and then will not have the same impact as setting aside a few hours to thoroughly clean out your closet.  I advise setting aside a minimum of 3 hours on a weekend afternoon to really commit to a thorough clean.  Being able to see the results of clearing out your closet will provide you with a drive to continue your spring cleaning into other areas of your apartment home!  Marie Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, recommends holding each article of clothing and asking yourself whether or not it brings you joy.  If it does bring you joy then you can leave it in your closet, if it does not you can start a “no” pile on the floor with the clothing off the hanger, and if you are unsure than create a “maybe” pile on your bed with the clothing still on the hanger.  If there are any items in your drawers or in storage bins be sure to include them as well!

Sort Through Your Closet Into 3 Piles

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Sort Through the “Maybe” Pile

Now your closet should be full of all things you love and still enjoy wearing.  Next it’s time to tackle those articles you are still on the fence about go through your “maybe” pile.  There are three things to keep in mind when sorting through this pile: fit, lifestyle, and wardrobe styling.

Fit: Does the item still fit?  If not, when was the last time you wore it?  There are also different style silhouettes that compliment your body shape and others you may not be a fan of.  If you do not believe it is a flattering style for you it may be time to throw it into the “no” pile.Lifestyle: Depending on what your lifestyle consists of you may need warmer v. colder weather clothing, dressy v. casual items so keep that mind when going through your pile as well.Wardrobe styling: Most importantly as yourself if this is something you enjoy wearing and if it is consistent your style esthetic.  Is this item something that is a past trend?  Would you be able to style it with other clothes in your closet?

After considering these three concepts while sorting through your maybe pile make the final decision whether the article in question will be going into your “yes” or “no” pile.

Selling Your Closet Clean Out Online

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Sort Through the “No” PileJust because these items no longer bring you joy does not mean they won’t be loved by someone else!  There are several different options for what you can do with the clothes you no longer want to hang onto.  You can sell them on any number of different clothing re-sell sites such as eBay or Poshmark.  I personally have sold a lot of my clothes on Poshmark and I love being able to turn my old clothes into extra cash and knowing someone else will get use out of something I no longer wear.  Now not all things may be able to be re-sold (old gym clothes, damaged items, etc.) but these things could still be donated to someone in need.  Find a local charity in need of clothing or drop it by your local Salvation Army.​

Now that your closet is full of items you love and enjoy wearing you should feel great about the cleaning you accomplished!  Not only did you rid your closet of clutter but you were able to provide someone in need of your clothes or able to re-sell them to someone else!

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