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Perks of Apartment Living: Maintenance to the Rescue
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Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019

Who doesn’t love the sound of “major perks”? There are truly countless perks to apartment living, from maintenance assistance to landscaping service to 24/7 attention. Living at any Camden community, you are promised Living Excellence every step of the way.


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Living in an apartment comes with many conveniences that are taken care of for you. By having a Camden maintenance team at your service, here are some of the built-in perks:

  • Light bulb replacements

    • Don’t worry about purchasing light bulbs or climbing any ladders, your team has you covered.

  • Battery replacements

    • Fire alarm and CO2 alarm batteries are taken care of – just let us know if either starts chirping and Camden will replace the batteries for you!


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  • Air filter replacements

    • As part of routine maintenance, your Camden team replaces all air filters quarterly to provide you quality air flow in your apartment home year-round. If you would like your air filter changed more frequently, simply let your Camden team know!

  • Pressure Washing

    • Garages, parking garages and roads within your community are on a pressure washing schedule. Camden takes great pride in the cleanliness of our communities wants you to as well!


Photo courtesy of Camden Northpointe in Houston, TX

  • Unclogging drains and garbage disposals

    • Never fear – if any of your kitchen or bathroom drains are clogged, maintenance will be at the ready! Camden keeps unclogging solutions on site and will order a new disposal for you if need be.

  • Appliance repair and replacement

    • Isn’t it a hassle to find a good appliance repairman? And at what cost! Camden keeps appliance parts on stock and hires maintenance team members with EPA (HVAC) certifications. If a plumber or technician needs to be outsourced, Camden takes care of reaching out to them and scheduling the repair for you!

  • Professional Landscaping

    • Forget mowing the lawn, spending hours on your knees weeding the garden, or needing to mulch your entire yard. Camden has professional landscaping services to maintain gorgeous greenery and curb appeal!


Photo courtesy of Camden Yorktown in Houston, TX

  • Pool Care

    • If there is a pool at your Camden Community, you get to simply enjoy! Maintenance takes care of fishing out any leaves, evaluating the PH levels and keeping it crystal clear so you don’t even have to think about it.

Resort-style pool at Camden RiNo Apartments in Denver, CO

Photo Courtesy of Camden RiNo in Denver, CO

  • Emergency maintenance you can count on

    • Life happens – Camden gets it. Emergencies include A/C or heat going out, active leaks of any kind, clogged toilet and getting locked out of your apartment. Simply call your Camden office number to get in contact with our 24/7 Camden Contact Center who will reach out to a member of your maintenance team, day or night.

There are countless perks to apartment living with Camden. Part of Camden’s monthly maintenance goals include addressing work orders within 24 hours – your requests are truly important to us. We have tremendous gratitude for our Camden maintenance team members – if you see them in your Camden community, feel free to say hi and ask any maintenance-related questions you may have!

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