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How To Create An Easy Apartment Cleaning Routine
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Photo courtesy of iStock
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Saturday, Sep. 7, 2019

Some people find that cleaning their apartments comes easy and they naturally make time for it.  For others, it simply seems almost impossible to get to with their busy day-to-day schedule.  Let’s face it, hiring a weekly cleaning crew is a nice luxury but so is saving that extra money!  Here are some simple tips to help you create an easy apartment cleaning schedule that compliments your busy lifestyle.


Yes, it’s that easy!  You don’t need to spend an entire day or even a few hours cleaning.  Set aside 10-15 min per day to assign and do a quick cleaning of at least one area of your apartment.

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Purchasing better cleaning products and tools will make your job SO much easier.  The more effective a product is, the quicker your cleaning time.  Also, finding products that compliment your least favorite cleaning task makes it less daunting to do!

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Find ways that you can combine cleaning with something else you love!  Put on some music and make your cleaning time you're jammin’ out time as well.  Get inspired by reading various cleaning blog posts or putting on cleaning videos.  Listen to your favorite podcast.

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Discover ways that work for you to get cleaning done, while also getting other things done!  Spray down the shower and let it set while you’re getting ready for work in the morning.  Throw in a quick load of laundry while you’re cooking dinner.  Catch up on your favorite television show OR re-watch an episode while tidying up the living room.  Find any easy excuse to get the chores done!


This is the most important ingredient in keeping your cleaning schedule easy.  The more you make your simple cleaning steps a routine, the easier and less time-consuming they will be.  Designate certain days to specific tasks and be consistent with them.  You will find that you will not need to set aside time to do a deep major clean, but will simply be maintaining your already clean space!

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There are so many different ways to get creative and make your apartment living more efficient.  Don’t forget to subscribe to Simply Camden for other helpful cleaning tips!

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