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Dog Owner Guide for Downtown Living!
Photo Courtesy of Canva
Photo Courtesy of Canva
Jonathan Kyritz
Wednesday, Apr. 12, 2023

There’s nothing like the feeling of opening your front door and seeing your four-legged friend waiting there, wagging their tail in excitement. No matter how ruff a day can be, they always seem to know how to turn it around. They provide us with such joy that in turn, we hope to do the same for them.

If you live in a concrete jungle, such as Downtown Orlando, you really have to think outside the box when it comes to finding unique ways to give your furry companion the life they deserve. I am writing this blog as a fellow city dog owner, looking to share some best practices on making dog ownership work in an urban area!

Happy dogs at dog park

Camden Pier District’s Dog Park – Photo Courtesy of Camden

No Accidents Here!

Just like your Camden apartment, helping keep your home city clean is top priority! By not cleaning up after your pup, you could spread bacteria and diseases to other pets and people too.

Canines are extremely intelligent, and deciphering their body language is important to know when they need to use the bathroom. Here are some signs to look for:

  • Panting or breathing heavily

  • Random Barking/Whimpering

  • Circling/Sniffing Around

  • Wagging Tails (A common misconception is that wagging tails immediately mean excitement.)

When you live in the heart of a big city, locating the nearest relief areas for your dogs is crucial to ensure you’re accident-free. Fortunately, most cities have dog waste stations that supply bags in case you do not have one on hand.

What is That Noise?

Whether you currently live in a large city or you are planning on moving to one, it could be quite a culture shock for you and your dog. As every dog is unique, their tolerance for noise can vary significantly. Even living in a quiet area, your dog will be able to pick up a wide range of sounds and noises that our ears won’t pick up.

Here are some suggestions to help desensitize your dog to those pesky city noises:

  • Playing calm and soothing music when you leave your home.

  • Creating a safe space for your dog (e.g., a crate, a cozy corner with blankets, or on your bed).

  • For our more sensitive companions, you can try an anti-anxiety vest or wrap. This will wrap the body of your dog to apply pressure and provide comfort. Almost like a hug!

Pet friendly community with dog park

Camden LaVina’s Dog Park – Photo Courtesy of Camden

Fetch Please?

One thing you will notice when living in an urban area is finding a fenced-in area to throw a ball could be far and few between. No matter the age, breed, or size of your furry companion, playing fetch is a fun way to incorporate exercise regularly. Fortunately, many Camden Communities offer dog parks for their residents! If you haven’t brought your dog to a dog park yet, check out this helpful guide before you go!

Dog park pet friendly apartments

Camden North Quarter’s Dog Park – Photo Courtesy of Camden

If you’re looking to venture a little further out, finding a nearby lake or park are both great options. Find areas to walk your dog, throw a frisbee, and meet other dogs too!

Key reminders for City Dog Owners!

Owning and taking care of a dog is very rewarding but also a huge responsibility. Part of that responsibility, especially living in a city setting, is ensuring you are brushed up on the local laws and ordinances set in place for dog owners. Sometimes, you may not even know you are breaking a rule in your city until you are fined. By taking the right precautions and steps, it’s completely achievable!

To find a great new apartment home for you and your dog, look no further than Camden!

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