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Top Dog Parks in Orlando, FL
Photo courtesy of Dawid Sobolewski on Unsplash
Photo courtesy of Dawid Sobolewski on Unsplash
Guest Blogger
Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017

Now that the weather has cooled down us Floridians can finally enjoy the outdoors and the top dog parks in Orlando, FL! I am sure your four-legged friend would love to adventure outside with you as well to enjoy a day of fun. Good news is we have top dog parks in the area that are close to most of our Camden Properties!

My dog Oshie and I love to go down the road off of Dixie Bell Drive and Gatlin Ave to Barber Park. We enjoy both the large and small dog park at this location. We love it because it is about 7 minutes from home and has obstacles for Oshie to practice his agility. This park is always kept clean and safe as well. Barber Park always has other dogs there as well for Oshie and I to mingle with. It is also great because they have a great walking/running trail for bonding time with your dog. The park also has a playground, outdoor hockey rink, soccer fields, basketball court, and a skate park.


Our next park that we go to is Downy Park which is right off of Colonial Drive and Dean Road. This dog park is a little smaller then Barber park but it does have a lot of shade for the days it is hotter. It is also is in a great location for the East Orlando area. This park also has a water play ground for the summer months. They also have a nice pond to go fishing in too!

Oshie’s number 1 dog park in Orlando is Lake Baldwin Park! Lake Baldwin Park is on the corner of Glenridge Way and South Lake Mount Ave near Winter Park. I love this dog park due to the size and different elements for dogs to explore. They have a large lake area where dogs of all sizes can swim, fetch, and roll in the mud. They also have a small trail loop within the dog park for your dogs to experience the great outdoors. The best part of all is the 4 dog washing stations provided. They are right by the gates so you can wash your dog before getting back into the car. This is why we list Lake Baldwin Park the top dog park in Orlando.


Last but not least 7 of our 8 Orlando Camden Properties have a dog park located in the community! This makes your own community your personal top dog park due to it being steps away from your home. Camden Lago Vista’s is a plus due to it located in the middle of the lake area. Camden Waterford Lakes also has two bark parks for large and small dogs. Our downtown location Camden Orange Court has a great dog park for all our four-legged friends in the heart of Orlando!


I hope to meet you and your dog at one of these parks soon! Always remember to make sure your dog has a name tag and up to date shots as well before taking them to play with others.

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