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5 Tips for Great Dog Park Etiquette
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
Guest Blogger
Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018

Let’s face it, your beloved Mr. Waggles forgets all his home training when a squirrel runs by and sometimes you’re out for a walk and realize you forgot the doggy bags at home. It happens to the best of us. Fortunately, I’ve created a Dog Park Etiquette cheat sheet for when you take your four-legged friend for a visit!


Camden LaVina's dog park in Orlando, FL - Photo courtesy of Camden

Camden pet waste baggies

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  1. On-Leash Remember, unless you’re inside your communities' bark park, your pup must be on-leash. This decreases the chances of the zoomies, lost pets, and injuries.

  2. Waste Bag Dispenser This little thing has saved my life! It’s so convenient and easy to carry around. I clip it to the handle of my dog’s leash, so I never forget doggy bags when we go out for walks. You can find them almost anywhere! You can even ask your Camden office team for some!

  3. Flight Risk When you are entering and exciting the dog park, be careful not to let anyone else’s furry friend loose. Also, be sure to equip your dog with ID tags to ensure that he/she can be quickly found.

  4. Healthy Pups When becoming a part of any Camden community, we require that your pets are up-to-date on all vaccinations. Make sure your dog is protected from fleas and diseases transferred by other dogs and mosquitos.

  5. Keep an Eye Out We love our furry friends here at Camden and we understand meeting new dogs can be stressful. Whenever encountering a new dog at the dog park, please be attentive and communicate with the other dog’s owner. Some behavior triggers aggressive reactions from other dos. Don’t leave your dog unattended. Keep watch on your dog while he frolics in the dog park. This is the best way to prevent incidents that can be harmful to your pet.


Camden Pier District's dog park in St. Petersburg, FL - Photo courtesy of Camden

Dog park etiquette is important to know when visiting the dog park. Use these tips and make Mr. Waggles “Mr. Popular”!

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