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Tips for Hosting Guests Without a Spare Room
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
Jonathan Kyritz
Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2023

When it comes to your guests, you want the best! Whether it’s the holiday season or just a normal week, hosting guests overnight can be challenging, especially without a spare room. You want to ensure they feel welcomed and their stay is important to you as the host.

My first apartment was a quaint one-bedroom, and during that time, I learned so much about how to best utilize my space for my frequent houseguests. Something so granular can make a difference!

Photo Courtesy of Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Photo Courtesy of Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Cleanliness and Organization

Do you remember that Spring cleaning that you never had the chance to get around to? Well, it’s time! If you know well in advance you will be hosting guests, you can prepare over time rather than stressing about cleaning your apartment the day before they arrive. By knocking this task out early on can shift your focus to things that will make it a more welcoming experience for your guests. Still crunched on time? No worries! Most of our Camden communities have partnered with Spruce, an on-demand service that offers housekeeping, chores, and pet care for your Camden apartment!

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Photo Courtesy of Camden

When you don’t have a spare room, less is more! Declutter your space with items that are personal to you but may not resonate with your guests. Yes – that means your superhero figurines. Wipe down the cabinets and shelves, vacuum the couch, and clear out some space for your guest to potentially utilize.


Take your shoes off, kick back, and picture yourself as a guest in your friend’s apartment. What makes you comfortable? Could it be something as small as having a set of clean linens for your slumber? Or how about having readily available snacks and drinks when you want something in the evening without asking? Comfortability does not just mean physical coziness but the intentional thought behind hitting all those checkboxes to help make your guests feel at home.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to improve comfort for your guests!

  • Provide an empty chair, luggage rack, or even a stool for their luggage

  • Provide written instructions on how to use the technology in your space, including the Wi-Fi password

  • Provide clean towels, an extra set of toiletries, and a bathrobe (if you want to be fancy)

Villas side poolside firepit with seating at Camden Greenville

Photo Courtesy of Camden Greenville


Put away that ten-year-old air mattress and look into options that will provide continuous comfort for your guests throughout their sleep. If you don’t have a day bed, pull-out couch, or a futon, invest in a high-quality air mattress that can automatically inflate and deflate for you. One that is elevated or even padded with extra comfort, so it mimics a real bed for your guest. With bedding, it’s all about the layers! Start with your liner, then your sheets, then a comforter, and then top it off with an additional blanket.

The placement of your bedding is important! If you use an air mattress, position it against your couch to add an optional headboard for your guests to lean on at night. Additionally, place the mattress near an outlet to allow your guests to charge or use their devices without having to search for a power source.

Open living kitchen

Photo Courtesy of Camden North Quarter

Final Touches

For however long you will be hosting their stay, I hope these tips and tricks will help increase your comfort as the host, and most importantly, your guest. Just envision yourself in their shoes, and what you would want and expect as a guest. You know your guest better than anyone else, so if you include something that you know they love (a special bottle of wine, snack, or drink), it will help set a welcoming tone for their stay from the start!

As hard as you try to make sure their stay is absolutely perfect, it’s okay if it isn’t! You do not have to plan out every second of their stay, and you can be intentional with leaving gaps of time open to add some flexibility to your day. Take advantage of your amenities, walk around the neighborhood, and remember…if you’re relaxed, your guests will be relaxed as well.

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