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5 Easy Ways to Relax at Home
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Thursday, Mar. 28, 2019

“Home is where the heart is” and when your heart is relaxed in your Camden apartment home, that age- old saying has some true staying power! We live such fast paced, busy lives that our home should reflect the serenity that we seek when we want to unwind. We should also be able to find ways to create a calm and tranquil atmosphere at home to help make us happy. Here are 5 easy ways I’ve found to relax at home:

1. Find What Makes You Happy

Unwind with an old hobby or pick up a new one. Taking the time to focus on something you enjoy gives your brain a chance to refocus and take a break. Bring it back to your childhood and think of the things that made you happy. When was the last time you delved into a great book or used your imagination to create a crafty gift? Remember when it was fun to crack an egg in a bowl and help Mom bake cookies? Try some new recipes in your gorgeous Camden kitchen to change up your daily routine or take the week on with some meal prepping. So many stress-relieving hobbies can be done in your own apartment.

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2. Disconnect…literally!

Our lives and jobs have us constantly on computers and on your phones. The amount of time we spend in front of a screen can be startling! Make an effort to put the temptation aside when you get home. Leave the television off, charge your phone and leave it alone. I know this is so hard, but you can do it!  Dr. Pamela Rutledge, Director of the Media Psychology Research Center at Fielding Graduate University says that “a better approach is to figure out how you want to live and then see how all this Internet-enabled connectivity fits in your picture.” You can control your usage.

3. Breathe In

Breathing heals and strengthens our bodies. Understanding the methods of breathing will allow increased oxygen to flow through the body, release toxins and allow you to feel more peaceful. Deep breathing helps slow down your heart rate which creates a sense calmness and relaxation. Learning more about the Health Benefits of Deep Breathing will help support your mental and physical well-being. A big trend right now are using essential oils as aromatherapy. Scents like lavender, peppermint and orange and known to help you recharge and boost your energy.

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4. Cleaning

After a long day or week at work, cleaning might not be the ideal activity in our busy lives. If you think about cleaning with a new perspective, it has the potential to make you happy without even realizing it. Focus on making cleaning a mindful task and take the opportunity to be thankful for what is yours. You may want to consider how often you need to clean certain items in your home.  If you realize that you should be cleaning more often, take this opportunity and added benefit of bringing you more exercise!

5. Boost Your Surroundings

Your living space should be your retreat from work and your busy life. Have you made it comfortable and inviting? Some great ways to boost your space includes adding greenery, organize and de clutter, add some pops of color and listening to music. Make your place a positive space!  Finding serenity in your home will help you focus more, sleep better and invite more happiness into your life.

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By shifting our focus and incorporating these 5 easy ideas for relaxation, we can create the necessary retreat that we deserve in our homes. Become a master in “home sweet home” and happiness will be soon to follow! Now that you have found ways to relax at home, check out how to decorate your apartment home according to your zodiac sign.

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