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Tips For Bringing Home a New Puppy
Photo Courtesy of Camden LaVina Apartments
Photo Courtesy of Camden LaVina Apartments
Jason Ferrer
Wednesday, Mar. 27, 2024

It's exciting to welcome a new four-legged family member to your home! A couple of years ago, I brought home a puppy to my apartment home. I was excited to finally get my dream dog, a mini poodle, when she was only four months old. Today, she is two years old!

Adding a new pet to your apartment home is so fun, but it does come with some responsibilities. Here are five essential tips before you bring home a new pet!

Photo Courtesy of blogger Jason Ferrer

Photo courtesy of blogger Jason Ferrer

1. Check with your leasing office to see if there are any breed restrictions or weight limits, what type of documentation you may need to provide, and any applicable fees. Need help deciding which dog breed is the right fit for you? Check out Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living. Most Camden communities have a limit on how many pets are allowed in the apartment. Please speak with your on-site team to help add them to the lease to avoid violations or accidents. Most Camden communities are pet-friendly and sometimes offer pet goodies.

For example, At Camden Visconti and Royal Palms, pet owners can stop by the office to pick up pet waste bags, treats, and dog mouthwash to freshen up the mouths of their new pets.

2. Make sure your dog's information is up-to-date and healthy. The most crucial vaccine is the rabies vaccine. Most veterinarians offer a one to three-year vaccine. Your pet's health must come first. Other medications your pet will need are flea and tick preventatives. Contact your veterinarian for options for your fur baby.

3. If you want to bring home a puppy, ensure you have all the essentials. When I got my puppy, I confirmed I had the right food type, toys, and training materials. Training your puppy will take a lot of patience and work.

Protect your apartment home by purchasing training pads and sprays to prevent them from chewing. Please be cautious with a teething puppy!

When I first brought home my puppy, she began to teethe. She would gnaw on everything, including the baseboards! I purchased a spray that prevents puppies from chewing in specific locations in the apartment.

You can check out this Simply Camden blog: How to Pet-Proof Your Apartment for more tips.

Your local pet store will also sell toys you can freeze to support your pet through this process. Need a more extensive must-have list? We've got you covered! Check out Six Must-Haves for Any Dog Owner Living in an Apartment.

4. Socialize your pet! This is a huge tip that I have for first-time pet owners. Have your pet get comfortable being around other people and animals. Please practice this in a safe setting and ensure you're in control of your pet.

A social pet will make your neighbors feel at ease. Have your pet visit your community dog park (Read our dog park etiquette tips here!) and get them accommodated in their new environment.

5. New puppies will quickly become attached to their owners, which is fantastic! But sometimes you’ll need to leave your new best friend at home, like when you head to work or enjoy a night out or Sunday Funday with friends. Your pup might need help adjusting when you leave them alone for a while.

Here are some best practices to help your pet with separation anxiety. Crate training is vital to having your pet acclimated to your apartment home. Leave behind items such as worn clothing and blankets with your scent. This helps make your pet feel less alone when you're not around.

Playing relaxing, calming music for pets can help soothe them while you go to work or run errands. Your local pet store may even offer treats with calming ingredients to aid with your pet's anxiety.

Photo courtesy of blogger Jason Ferrer

Photo courtesy of blogger Jason Ferrer

It's essential to do your part when welcoming a new pet home. These tips will help you be a better pet parent and neighbor in your Camden community!

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