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How to Pet-Proof Your Apartment
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
Guest Blogger
Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022

Whether you are thinking of adding a pet or already have one at home, pet-proofing your apartment is essential. Our animals can sometimes be very needy and may be up to no good when we’re not home. This can lead to the mass destruction of shoes, remotes, or even doors that stand in their way. It can be overwhelming to make sure that your furry friend is happy and satisfied as well as keeping your home in good shape but, hopefully, after reading this you will feel better prepared.

Designate a Pet Area in Your home

Having a designated area for your pet can mean the world of difference. Much like humans, pets need an area where they feel safe and secure. With versatile living spaces at Camden properties, having one area that is theirs can lower stress and anxiety levels and allow them to feel at home.

Pet Beds

  • Pet beds or mats allow a space for your pet to relax and stay off the furniture. If your pet is a chewer, a mat may be a good alternative.

Food and Water

  • Having one area for food and water will allow your pet to have a sense of stability and comfort. Changing where your pet’s food and water are frequently may lead to anxiety and even stop them from eating or leading to inappetence.

Interactive Toys

  • Toys can stimulate your pet’s mind and keep them busy while you’re away. Some great toy options include lick mats, automatic ball throwers, scratch posts, and even automated bones!

Cherry wood design scope pet friendly

Photo Courtesy of Camden

Prep Your Main Living Areas

Ensuring that all main living areas are pet-friendly can keep your apartment home and your furry friend safe.

House plants

  • Plants are a beautiful addition that can add so much to your apartment. However, some plants are very toxic to your pets.

  • Some of these plants include Aloe Vera, Lilies, Hyacinth, Daffodils, Philodendron, and other common ivy.

Furniture and Décor

Choosing the right setup for your apartment is a key step to keeping your apartment beautiful as well as safe for your furry friends.

  • Metal-legged furniture can help prevent chewing, scratching, and other anxious behaviors.

  • Wood-legged furniture may lead to splinters and encourage chewing.

  • Choosing dark-colored fabric such as pleather or denim may help prevent showing dog hair and keep your apartment looking spic and span! Limiting the amount of décor may also be a good option.

  • Minimal décor can not only make your space look bigger but also prevent any additional temptations for your animals.


The Kitchen can be a problem area for many pets. Our animals are very intelligent and know that the kitchen is where all the best smells and tastes come from.

  • One main issue is our trash cans. Coming home to trash all over your apartment is never fun and is something that can be easily prevented. Making sure to have a lid on your trashcan can deter many pets and utilize our doorstep trash pickup services available at many Camden communities.

  • Another worry is cleaning supplies. Much like our kids, pets tend to get into things that they are not supposed to. One great way to make sure your animal will be safe at home is to baby-proof all cabinets that contain any type of chemicals.

Onsite private dog park

Photo Courtesy of Camden Touchstone Apartments


Training is probably the most important aspect to pet-proofing your apartment. Training can prevent bad behavior as well as give them the tools to be the best fur baby!

  • Crate training is a great option for many pets and can benefit their mental well-being. Crate training can help with behavioral issues and issues such as separation anxiety. Many animals seek small, confined spaces to feel safe and secure hence why crate training is a great option!

  • Training should start young and should be a positive experience. They are some great resources from the American Kennel Club as to how to start crate training and why it is so beneficial.

  • Having a regular routine for your pet is very important. It allows them to feel secure, and stable, as well as have a sense of control. This can lead to lower stress levels and better behavior. Your pet’s day should consist of feeding times, at least 2x a day, regular exercise, and time for fun and relaxing with their favorite human…you! A regular schedule can allow your pet to live its best life and give you a sense of peace.

Paw spa with pet grooming station

Photo Courtesy of Camden Southline Apartments

Here at Camden, we love your animals and want them to be just as happy as you are in our communities. From dog spas to dog parks, we try to keep our furry residents as happy as our human ones!

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