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Small Space Living: Creative Ways to Utilize Your Space
Photo courtesy of Artem Podrez from Pexels
Photo courtesy of Artem Podrez from Pexels
Jourdan Garcia
Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024

Looking to downsize your home? I know what you are thinking! How am I going to fit all my stuff in a smaller space? While it may seem challenging, there are many fun and creative ways to use your small new space. Check out my list for some ideas!

Foldable Furniture

The easiest way to create more space in your new nook is to look for furniture that can be tucked away or folded up when not in use. Items such as hideaway desks or Murphy beds are there for you when you need them but can be easily hidden, creating more space when guests come over. Hosting in a small space can be tricky; check out 5 Tips When Entertaining in a Small Space!

Vertical Space

If you can’t go outward, go upward! Adding stacked shelves to your home and sprucing them up with books and other décor can give your home a cozier feel and help share your sense of style. Investing in a tall rack/bookshelf is a great way to create more storage space without sacrificing square footage.

Nowadays, there are many ways to create a vertical-style home office for working from home, with shelving to hold all your office supplies! My personal favorite way that I use in my home is adding a bathroom rack above my toilet for all the essentials and to have a place to showcase my bath bombs.

camden tempe west apartments tempe az studio living room and kitchen

Photo courtesy of Camden Tempe Apartments


Corners are a great place to add storage, or extra seating! For a more clutter-free look, you can add a corner bookshelf or storage cabinet that gives you the necessary storage without ruining your aesthetic. If your apartment does not come with a designated dining room area, corners are great for adding a small dining room table or a cute lounge chair. This adds more places to relax without compromising space. Corners for the win!

Natural Modern Finish Studio Apartment at Camden NoDa in Charlotte North Carolina

Photo courtesy of Camden NoDa Apartments


Windows add life to apartment homes with the natural light they bring. Take advantage of your windows! The windowsill can be used for fun décor items or little house plants. The plants get their daily dose of sunlight, and you get to add some natural color to your home. Not only do plants make fun décor, but they also bring health benefits, and there are a few that fit right into your apartment lifestyle!

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