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The Perfect Plants for Decor, Stress-Free and Clean Living in your Apartment
Photo courtesy of istock
Photo courtesy of istock
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Monday, Aug. 9, 2021

To plant? Or not to plant? There are many ways to spice up your Camden apartment home, but this will have long-term effects on you and your apartment home in more ways than one. You’ll be adding another living thing to your apartment home, but no application fees are needed. Become what the kids are calling a “Plant Parent” and watch the benefits roll in.

Benefit #1: Décor

The first benefit is having beautiful plants of all shapes and sizes in your apartment home and(or) on your patio, would be the décor aspect. Apartment living is usually temporary, but making the most of your home with the green leafy décor can bring color and life to your home. Imagine the sunlight that will enter your home matched with the plants that you’ve filled your home with. According to Sassy Townhouse Living, some of the most beautiful house plants have unique patterns on the leaves or are shaped differently than we are used to seeing. These unique plants include:

  • Ficus Lyrate for a small tree-like look

  • Aluminum Plant- Pilea for that fun leaf pattern idea

  • The Croton Petra will bring beautiful bold colors

  • String of Pearls Succulent Plant for that signature shape that your guests will love

Benefit #2: Health

The health benefits of having house plants are endless and everlasting. Having a few plants in your apartment home for décor will boost your feelings, making you happier and more productive. This health benefit is great for those who work from home full-time. House plants contribute to put you in a better mood will also help to reduce stress and anxiety. After this past year, stress and anxiety have been through the roof for most. As things slowly but surely get better, you can help your process by incorporating plants into your home. Some of the best stress-relieving plants, according to Flower Aura, are:

  • Basil Plant

  • Jasmine Plant

  • Lavender Plant

These plants act as a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress.


Photo Courtesy of Camden

Benefit #3: Fight Indoor Air Pollution

Did you know indoor pollution can be as fatal as outdoor pollution? An oxygen-producing house plant that could help is the snake plant! Don’t worry; this plant will not attract any reptiles. It is cleverly named after the scale-like pattern that appears on the leaves. The English Ivy can clean the air in your apartment. No need to panic; this ivy is poison-free. The English Ivy has the classic ivy shape in bunches that hang nicely in a swing pot. Another great option is the Dragon Tree. Not as scary as it sounds, this plant does not grow very large and sits well and proud on any surface. Having any of these air cleansing plants, or others you find, will bring clean air to your living space. House plants are too beneficial to not take the time and get one for your apartment.

Now that you know you will benefit from having plants in your home, you must know where to get them. Here are a few great options:

  • - a great starting point for seed packets, if you want to grow them yourself

  • Home Depot, Lowes, etc.- if you would like to buy them full-grown and maintained

  • Farmer’s Markets - one of the best places to get a house plant

Think about placing your plants on the spacious apartment homes and patios Camden has to offer so you can surround yourself with beautiful décor, stress-free relaxation, and clean air. Here are a few more tips to make your patio or balcony more vibrant!

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