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Six Things to Love about Chirp Access
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
Kathy Hernandez
Tuesday, Jun. 18, 2024

With Chirp Access, Camden residents can move throughout the community and into their homes using only their smartphones. This access system is convenient and easy to use for residents and their guests. While there are so many advantages to Chirp Access, we’ve outlined our top six below!

1. No Bulky Keys

With Chirp Access, you don’t have to carry around bulky keys or key fobs to enter parking garages, gates, amenity spaces, or even your apartment home at Camden. Your access is built into a device you already have with you at all times – your cell phone! And, you don’t have to worry about losing your keys or leaving them behind anywhere.

2. Easy Guest Access

Chirp Access also allows you to easily let guests up to your apartment home, remotely granting them access into parking garages and through gates and entry doors. Busy making a gourmet date-night meal in your apartment home or lounging on the pool deck before friends arrive for a weekend BBQ? With Chirp Access, a quick tap on your smartphone gives guests access when they arrive so you don’t have to stop what you are doing to meet them at the entry gate.

Resort-style pool with tanning ledge and in-water lounge chairs at Camden Cedar Hills apartments in Austin, TX

Photo courtesy of Camden Cedar Hills in Austin, TX

You can even let food delivery carriers up to your apartment door easily, so you don’t have to pause your new favorite show. As long as your smartphone is with you, you can grant access from anywhere, whether inside your apartment home, across town at work, or on vacation on the other side of the country.

3. Managed Guest Access

Have someone regularly needing access to your apartment home like a housekeeper or dog walker? You can create a custom PIN code just for that person to use. Grant them access for a specific time frame, recurring access for specific days and times, or permanent access. When you are no longer needing their services, just delete their custom PIN within the Chirp Access app. Take advantage of another Camden resident perk, Spruce, to find a certified, insured, bonded, and background-checked housekeeper or pet care provider.

Townhome entrances on South Boulevard

Photo courtesy of Camden Grandview in Charlotte, NC

4. PIN Code Access

Speaking of PIN codes, you can create a custom PIN code for your apartment door lock if you don’t want to get your phone out of your pocket or purse. With a few quick taps on the lock, you can enter your apartment home quickly and easily. This is a great feature to have set up in case your phone runs out of battery, or you accidentally leave it somewhere. The PIN can be easily changed within the Chirp Access app and without contacting Camden.

Smart door locks - residents can move throughout the community and into their home using only their smartphone.

Photo courtesy of Camden

5. Log of Apartment Door Lock

Within the Chirp Access app, you can view a log or history of your apartment door lock to know when your dog walker, friend, or even the Camden maintenance team was in your apartment. Can’t remember if you locked your door, check within the Chirp app!

6. Nearby and Favoriting Feature for Common Entry Points

Camden has added a photo and label for all entry points within the community in the Chirp app so they are easy to identify and open. Even better, though, with Bluetooth and location services enabled on your smartphone, entry points will be automatically located for you, making it even easier to find them within the app. You can also star/favorite your most frequently used entry points for quick access like the parking garage gate.

Entry to the parking garage with public visitor parking and controlled-access resident parking

Photos courtesy of Camden Music Row in Nashville, TN

With Chirp Access, you will feel like you are living in the future, just like on The Jetsons. No keys, quick access, and lock monitoring all in one! If you are searching for a new apartment home, take a self-guided tour at a Camden community to experience Chirp Access for yourself. A Camden Team Member will grant you guest access to all amenity spaces, entry gates, and the apartment homes you will be touring so you can tour like you live here!

Chirp Access is just one of the many conveniences of living in a Camden apartment home. From front-door trash pickup to discounted internet services through the Camden Technology Package to making transfers within Camden communities quick and easy, living at a Camden community is more than just the four walls of your apartment home. And, we can’t wait to welcome you home!

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