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3 Reasons Why the Technology Package is Awesome
Guest Blogger
Friday, Jan. 24, 2020

Not only does Camden have beautiful apartment homes, great amenities, a 24/7 Camden contact center, but we also have a fabulous technology package! You may ask...what is the technology package? It is awesome, that is what it is! Here are the top 3 reasons why you will love the Camden Technology Package.

1. The Technology Package Saves Money

Camden works closely with service providers, such as Verizon FiOS, to bundle together high-speed internet service, cable television packages, equipment, and waived set up fees. This bundle deal is at a discount, and is exclusively for Camden residents.​ The Technology Package averages approximately 53% off retail rates!  

Our Technology Package is a guaranteed rate that will not change through the course of the lease.  A lot of telecommunication companies will increase the rate substantially when their contract expires and can charge expensive cancellation fees. No contract necessary, meaning no termination fees, and ends when your lease ends!

2. The Technology Package is Hassle-Free

Spending a long time on the phone with the cable company can be extremely frustrating. With the technology package, providers can look up that you are moving into a Camden. They will be able to set up service without new residents needing to explain what a technology package is. Depending on the provider, set up may vary. But no matter the company, Camden has taken the headache out of setting up this utility!

3. You Can Upgrade the Technology Package

Do you need HBO to catch the latest season of Succession? You can upgrade your technology package! Simply contact the provider and the add-on will be billed separately from your monthly rent. Keep in mind though, that the technology package is so awesome that upgrades might not even need to be necessary!  Some of our communities have HBO included, and our average internet speed across our communities is 200 Mbps, with some communities up to 1G.

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Last updated: April 2020

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