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How to Make New Friends In A New City
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Friday, Jul. 27, 2018

It was easy making new friends as a kid but who would have thought it’d be challenging as an adult? If you have just moved to a new city and into a Camden apartment home,  check out these simple ways to help kickstart your social life!

Work life

  • Since work does take up a large portion of your day, engaging with your coworkers will make your place of work more enjoyable. Partaking in corporate events or attending happy hours after work will help create a more laid-back atmosphere and you’ll be able to learn more about your fellow coworkers hobbies and their interests.

Meet friends at work!

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Attend a resident event at your Camden community

The happiest hour!

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Be Active!

  • For more than just health reasons this is the perfect way to meet people in town. Want to try out CrossFit or Orange Theory? Some locations allow a free first-time workout to ensure you will enjoy the workouts while also allowing you to try without a commitment. Want to save a dime on monthly expenses? Use your Camden gym! Everyone can use motivation to get their fitness in and this is a great way to already find common ground with a potential friend.

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We know that it is hard to meet people in a new city but put yourself out there and we are sure that you will make lifelong friends! Being a good friend also means being a good neighbor to your fellow Camden residents. Check out 15 ways to be a great neighbor!

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