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8 Ways To Make Life Easier Using MyCamden
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By Guest Blogger
Saturday, Mar. 31, 2018

Moving to a new apartment home community can be overwhelming, especially when you are relocating from another city or state. You poured over reviews, location, amenities, and quotes. You toured with our wonderful leasing consultants and they helped you find the perfect apartment home for you at one of our Camden communities. One of our great perks, aside from excellent customer service, is MyCamden. You are going to love it!

Here are the top 8 ways to make life easier using MyCamden:

1. Meet your neighbors

There are groups to join on MyCamden and tons of them! This is a great and an EASY way to get to know your neighbors and make new friends. If you prefer outdoor activities, nightlife, or crafting in the comfort of your new apartment home, there is a group for you. For more ideas on meeting your neighbors, check out 5 Ways To Get To Know Your New Neighbors.

Groups on MyCamden

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2. Buy/Sell

Did you decide to buy a new guitar and don’t want to put your old one for sale on a sketchy site? Try selling your items on MyCamden to see if any of your neighbors would be interested. It saves gas and the uncertainty of who might show up at your door.

Buy And Sell On MyCamden

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3.Pay Rent

When your life is always on the go, and usually it is, I suggest using MyCamden to pay your rent. It makes it fast and easy to set up recurring payments or split recurring payments between roommates!

Payment Screen MyCamden

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4. Submit Service Requests

Did you forget to call the office and let them know about that light bulb out in your restroom? No problem! Jump onto MyCamden and submit a work order while you binge watch your favorite Netflix show at 3 a.m.! We will send one of our amazing maintenance technicians during office hours to get your work order completed.

Service Request On MyCamden

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5. Resident events

Living at a Camden community means you get to experience the delightful events put together by your community staff. Whether it’s a mixer, breakfast on the go, or a luau at the pool we will always send out invites via MyCamden. It’s fast and easy to stay up to date with events at your Camden community.

Resident Events At Camden Copper Ridge

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6. Key Release

Many of us have friends and family visit for a night or two from out of town. There are times where your guest needs access to your apartment before you arrive. Have no fear, log onto MyCamden and add them as an authorized guest. They will be greeted at the Welcome Center by our lovely staff. Once they verify their driver’s license, a key is provided while you are out.

Guest Key Release On MyCamden

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7. Email Camden Team Members Directly

Questions or concerns about your community? Send a direct email to the office staff at your Camden community. It’s simple, easy, and saves on taking time out of your busy schedule to get to the office.

Direct Message Via MyCamden

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8. Review Lease Documents/Print

Ready to change the address on your Driver’s License to your new Camden address? Log onto MyCamden and print your lease to take to your DMV for proof of residency. Easy, simple, and fast for those of us who like everything at our fingertips! 

Lease Document Manager On MyCamden

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We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and level of customer service at Camden. It only makes sense that MyCamden is an extension of our great service for our residents who are always on the go. If you are a new or tenured Camden resident try it out to get the most out of your Camden experience, you will love it, I know I do!

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