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Saturday, Feb. 25, 2017

Thinking of buying new décor for your Camden apartment?  Perhaps you need house plants instead!  When most people think about decorating, they tend to forget about the beauty and color house plants bring into your space.  As a recent Camden blog mentioned, plants and flowers can brighten your apartment. They also purify the air, making your apartment feel more welcoming and alive.

There are many reasons to incorporate plants into your home decor. However, for many of us, keeping them alive can be a small but legitimate challenge—especially when space and natural sunlight may be limited.

You may not think that you have a green thumb, but, if you pick the right kind of plant, you will.  The key is to find one that is low-maintenance and fits your lifestyle.  Here is a list of the perfect plants for apartment dwellers like yourself.

Peace Lilly

Peace Lilies can grow up to 16 inches, and larger ones can often reach 6 feet tall.  If you have high ceilings in your apartment, this would look great!   Peace Lilies produce white flowers in the early summer and continue to bloom throughout the year.  Tip:  If you find your Peace Lily is not blooming, place it in a darker area of your apartment.

Snake Plant


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I love this plant!  Not only does it look cool, it really modernizes your space. Snake plants do not need a lot of attention.  Water, and allow the soil to dry in between watering.  Make sure to place your snake plants in indirect light.

Aloe Vera


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Fact: It is found in many consumer products including beverages, skin lotion, or ointments for minor burns and sunburns.

A set of three aloe vera plants looks so fun and you can cover a lot of space with them spread out.  Make sure to place your aloe vera plant indirect light and allow the soil of the aloe vera plant to go completely dry before being watered. When the aloe plant is watered, the soil should be thoroughly saturated.  Do not over-water this plant.  That is the number one mistake people make when caring for it.

Spider Plant

I love how spider plants look when they are placed high and the leaves flow down.   Allow the soil to dry before watering (once a week is usually enough), and dump out water that drains from the bottom of the pot.  Do not over-water.  Just like the care for the aloe vera, this is the number one mistake people make when caring for it. The perfect spot to keep your Spider plant is near a sunny window or access near some sunlight at least. 


You can have so much fun with succulents.  The options are endless because they give just the right touch of modern with just the right colors.  Don’t forget, you can get bold colors for the pots you put your succulents (or any plants in).   It will definitely bring out your character.  Succulents prefer to dry out between each watering. If the soil stays wet the roots will rot, so be careful not to over-water.  There are a variety of low-light succulents that will thrive with indirect light, so don’t worry too much about lighting. 


If you're caring for an indoor bamboo plant that grows in pebbles, chances are it's a lucky bamboo.  Lucky bamboo comes as straight or twisted green stalks and is usually about 6 to 12 inches high.  It requires little maintenance, so it's ideal for people who want a no-fuss plant that provides natural beauty.  The bamboo can be placed anywhere in the home and does not need in-direct sunlight. 

You see!  You can have a green thumb, too!  With many unique Camden apartment floor plans, these beauties will look just right in your apartment.  Want a few more easy decorating tips? Check out our SimplyCamden blog on Awesome Tips and Tricks for Damage-Free Decorating.

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