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5 Tips for a Great Pool Day!
Photo courtesy of Camden Cypress Creek, Houston, TX
Photo courtesy of Camden Cypress Creek, Houston, TX
By Guest Blogger
Wednesday, Jun. 1, 2022

You wake up, and it’s Saturday morning. The best morning, in my opinion. The sun is shining, and the temps are rising, which can only mean one thing… it is a BEAUTIFUL summer day. Lucky for you, you live at a Camden apartment community, and you know as well as I do that some of our amenities rival those of a five-star resort! What better way to spend this Saturday than by the pool?! So, stick with me…and we’ll cover the best ways to have a great pool day!


Photo courtesy of Camden Downtown, Houston, TX

  • Get to Know Your Neighbors. Grab a lounge chair and soak in the sun. Use this time to get to know your neighbors that are also hanging out by the pool. You never know who you’ll meet! You could meet your new Camden bestie!

  • Use that Sunscreen. We know you threw it in your pool bag along with your towel, speaker, and snacks. I don’t want to sound like your Mom, but I also don’t want you to get sunburnt to a crisp. Did you know you’re more likely to get sunburnt while swimming? We all think we’re invincible until it hurts to move because you’re as hot as the sun and your skin is blistered. So, PLEASE use the sunscreen heavily and often. Reapplying is as important as remembering to use it in the first place. You can thank me later! 


Photo courtesy of Camden North End, Phoenix, AZ

  • Leave the Glass and Cans at Home. Instead, stock your cooler with reusable containers for all your drinks and snacks. Glass in the pool areas is a universal no-go. One slip-up and glass can get all over the pool deck or worse, in the pool itself. This results in having to drain the pool and closing for at least a week. These are hot, hot times we’re living in this summer, so please don’t be that guy. Instead be the guy who is all about being sustainable and saving the earth while having fun. We like that guy!

  • Dive into a Good Book. This is the perfect time to crack open that book that you’ve been “meaning to read” for the last six months. Snag a lounge chair near an umbrella, kick back and relax. Before you know it, you’ll get through your entire stack of unread books in no time! Once you go through that stack,  check out these great book suggestions to make time fly by!


Photo courtesy of Camden Buckhead Square, Atlanta, GA

  • Grill Out. Take advantage of the BBQ grills and outdoor dining spaces near the pools! There’s not much that beats a day out by the pool with a cheeseburger in hand. Take your tools down to pool, fire up the grill and become the grill master you’ve always dreamed of being!

Crank up your playlist and enjoy this time outside. Before we know it, summer will be over, and we’ll be well into Fall, wishing for warmer days! After you’ve broken a sweat at the pool, check out these awesome tips for at-home workouts that are guaranteed to make you look good and feel even better!

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