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5 Amazing Must See Locations in Downtown Denver
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
Photo courtesy of Shutterstock
Bobby Sheppard
Wednesday, Jul. 7, 2021

Have you recently moved or are planning to move to Denver, Colorado? In the Denver metro area, there are currently nine Camden apartment communities. Eight of these are within 20 – 25 minutes of downtown Denver, with one (Camden RiNo) centrally located downtown in the RiNo Art District. Whether you are moving in the surrounding Denver suburbs or downtown, here are five must-see downtown Denver locations to plan your next adventurous day off!

1. 16th Street Mall

The first one on the list is the 16th street mall, a pedestrian and transit outside mall located in the heart of downtown. Within the mall, there are many different outdoor cafes, retail shops, and attractions. On the South end of the mall is Denver Pavilions, a shopping and dining complex with 12 movie theaters. Located within the mall is the D&F Tower, a 2/3rd replica of the Campanile of St. Mark’s in Venice. The 16th Street Mall is one of the most fun and lively must-see places in Denver!


Denver's 16th Street Mall - photo by Shutterstock

2. RiNo Art District

Second on the list is the RiNo Art District, where our current downtown Camden RiNo location resides. RiNo is a beautiful neighborhood with an endless array of art graffiti on almost every building in the area. The streets are lined with breweries, cocktail bars, and restaurants. Come to tour Camden RiNo today and see why this vibrant neighborhood will keep you busy and having fun every day!


Photos courtesy of Camden RiNo in Denver, Colorado

3. Denver Union Station

The Denver Union Station is the main intersection of each light rail station and bus from Denver’s public transport, RTD. Denver Union Station is a beautiful 100-year-old historic building and filled with multiple coffee shops and cafes. This picturesque landmark will certainly amaze you! You might even see a romantic proposal while you’re there. 

Denver blog post - Bobby Sheppard proposal

Photos courtesy of Bobby Sheppard

4. Coors Field

Coors Field is Denver’s baseball stadium located in downtown Denver. Our very own Camden RiNo is only one mile away from here! It is the home field of the Colorado Rockies. During a baseball game, the atmosphere around Coors Field is very lively and fun, with many different bars and restaurants to gather at before or after the game. Visiting Coors Field during a Colorado Rockies game is a must-see for Denver to have a truly unique experience!

Coors Field - media gallery photo for Camden RiNo

Photo courtesy of Camden

5. State Capitol and U.S Mint

Last but not least on this list are the Colorado State Capitol and the Denver Mint. Our beautiful state Capitol is a historic and photogenic landmark in the heart of Denver. Very close to the Capitol is the Denver Mint, one of three U.S. mints in the entire country. Hopefully soon, both of these amazing places will be offering in-person tours, which is an anticipated event!

Come tour our Denver Camden communities today and see what this beautiful city has to offer! If you had in mind mountains in mind for your new Denver home, check out Camden Denver West, where you are right at the foot of South Table Mountain.

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