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Prep Your Apartment Plants for Summer Vacation
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Istock photo
Macey Koppa
Friday, Jul. 29, 2022

We're deep in vacation season, and you deserve a break! While you're thinking through your pre-trip checklist - what to pack, how to prep your apartment for being away...don't forget those happy houseplants you've been cultivating all year. Be a good plant parent and follow our tips for prepping your plants for vacation so they're still happy and thriving when you return.

Do some light pruning

  • Remove any dead, dying, or unhealthy-looking foliage. Prune off any buds and flowers. Pruning is essential for flowers and fruits that are about to blossom. Pruning will mitigate the water requirement of the plants.

Bring outdoor plants indoors

  • Smaller outdoor pots can also be brought indoors from your balcony or patio to relieve the harsh summer heat. They may drop a few leaves as they adjust to the lower light levels, but they should be fine for about a week-long vacation. Group them on your balcony or patio if you don’t want to bring any outdoor pests inside. Be sure to place them in a spot that would be shaded most of the day and allow the plants to catch any rainwater while away.

Find self-watering options

  • Self-watering devices work wonders for patio and indoor plants. If you are only away a few days, they can take the place of a plant sitter or your Camden neighbor. Consider using watering crystals or glass balls, which work similarly. Fill them with water and place them upside down in the pot, where they will slowly release water as the soil needs it. Self-watering pots are another option if you travel frequently. That way, your plants wick up the water they need without your help.

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photo courtesy of Amy Chen via Unspash

Leave your succulents alone

  • Succulents are the PERFECT travel-friendly plant. If you are gone for just a week or two, you don’t need to worry at all because succulents can easily put up with no water for 10 to 15 days, even in summer. Give them a good soak of water before you go, and they will be fine. Just make sure that the soil is completely dry before you water it.

Move your plants away from windows or vents

  • To protect your plants from the blazing summer sun, it’s best to move them off from window sills and south-facing rooms. If you leave them directly next to the window, they could suffer from leaf burn. Move them a few feet away or place a sheer curtain to protect your plants from the strong sunlight.

  • Also, having a plant near a dehumidifier (air vent) can take the moisture out of the air the plant needs. The best way to avoid this is to move the plants away from any air vents - a quick change in the temperature in your apartment is hard on your plants.

These tips do take a little planning, but you’ll have more peace of mind during your downtime knowing that you set up your plants to thrive while you are away.

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