4 Secrets to Making Your Apartment Home Look Larger Than Life
photo courtesy of Camden
photo courtesy of Camden
Gabrielle Jacobs
By Gabrielle Jacobs
Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2021

So, you’ve been in the same amazing Camden apartment for over a year, or you’ve just moved in! Either way, you’re ready to grow in your space and utilize every square inch. We have a few secrets we want to share that’ll make your apartment look larger than life.

1. Curtain Call

To curtain or not to curtain, that is a great question. The secret here is that curtains can draw the eyes up and make rooms appear taller. It’s best to hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible creating the illusion of larger windows and soaring ceilings!

Bedroom with wood-inspired plank flooring and high ceilings

photo courtesy of Camden Music Row

2. Power of the Stripe

You won’t want to sleep on this secret! Or maybe you do if you’re adding stripes to your comforter or sheets to make your bedroom appear larger. Never underestimate the power of the stripe! A lot like the floor-to-ceiling curtains, stripes give you the ability to draw eyes up and make ceilings appear taller. Adding a striped area rug, bedding, accent pillows, or even removable peel and stick wallpaper can lengthen the space. Vertical, horizontal, and diagonal stripes all work with this tip. 

3. Mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall, whose apartment is not so small? Yours! Especially with mirrors hanging around, you’re now magically creating depth to your apartment home. The fun thing about mirrors is that you can get funky with them. You can do a traditional oversized standing mirror, or change up the shapes and sizes or hang them on the wall. I found a fun assortment on Amazon

Living and dining area with carpet, ceiling fan, and crown molding

photo courtesy of Camden Buckingham

4. Alexa play, “Get Up Offa That Thing” by James Brown

Now that you’re up and grooving, it’s time to give your furniture some dancing legs too! Choosing furniture with legs helps bring awareness to space we know is there but draws the eyes up from the floor. Do you already have new furniture that doesn’t show any leg but love the idea? Amazon has excellent options for all your furniture needs! Like this modern option or this classic option.  

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, there’s no need to keep these surprisingly easy secrets to yourself! Try them all or choose the ones that work best for you. Any of these changes will bring amazing energy to your beautiful Camden home. Need decoration inspo? Here are a few renter-friendly décor ideas!  

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