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Hygge Your Home: Creating the Ultimate Cozy Space, the Danish Way
Photo courtesy of Unsplash
Photo courtesy of Unsplash
Brooke Kinert
Tuesday, Jun. 29, 2021

The Danish have a concept called hygge (pronounced hoo·guh) which loosely translates to “the feeling of coziness.” Hygge design doesn’t have to be expensive. On the contrary, it doesn’t have to cost anything at all! You can use items you already have to make your space feel warm and fuzzy. Read on to discover 4 simple ways to up the hygge factor in your Camden apartment!

1. Houseplants

Plants are an inexpensive way to add a pop of color to your apartment and naturally boost your mood. While many Camden communities such as Camden Dilworth in Charlotte, NC are surrounded by beautiful greenery year-round, having some live plants or flowers in your apartment can help improve your mood, especially in the colder winter months. Plants like succulents or cacti are low maintenance and are readily available at your local nursery. More plants = more hygge for your apartment.

2. Pleasant scents

Our sense of smell is most closely connected to our memory, so what better way to create a sense of hygge than with a pleasant scent and a sweet memory? Does the smell of fresh-baked cookies fill your heart with joy? Or maybe it’s the smell of salty waves crashing on the beach. A scent reminiscent of these experiences will instantly transport you to your happy place and can provide the much-needed escape at the end of a long day.

3. Accent pillows and blankets

Pillows and blankets are another great way to add a fun pop of color to your apartment, while also upping the cozy factor. Texture is also a very important factor in hygge. For example, can you imagine anything cozier than wrapping yourself up in a chunky knitted blanket? Adding an oversized blanket, along with an accent pillow or two can transform any sofa into a cloud of relaxation.

Photo by Andrea Davis via Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Andrea Davis via Unsplash

4. In-Home Coffee station

Sometimes we can find a sense of hygge in a warm cup of coffee or tea. Have a large collection of mugs that are near and dear to your heart? Creating a DIY coffee or tea station is a great way to display your favorite mugs while giving you easy access to them. All you need is something to display your mugs on like a wooden shelf and a couple of small jars for items such as coffee grounds and sugar. You can even add a message board that you can update with motivational sayings to get your day started on the right foot!

Now that you’ve had a crash course on hygge, it is time to go forth and hygge-ify your apartment. And don’t forget about hygge-ifying your patio space as well!


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