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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Call Houston Heights Home
Camden Living
By Guest Blogger
Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016

Want to live in one of the top areas in Houston? Of course you do! Who wouldn’t? The Houston Heights is a historic, character filled area of the city that is chic, trendy, and fun. Everyone wants a little piece of this one –of- a- kind neighborhood. This historic area of the city comes complete with quaint shopping, live music and beautiful architecture! One of the best parts about this neighborhood: Camden Heights is nestled right in the middle of it all! At ( 3 Reasons Why You Should Call Houston Heights Home) you are minutes from everywhere you want to be in the Heights. Here are the top 3 reasons why you will fall in love with the Houston Heights: 1) 19th Street Shopping – Find anything and everything you could imagine on this quaint little street nestled in the heart of the Houston Heights. The shops are locally owned by long time Heights residents so you will not only get a true feel of the area with the array of eclectic stores, but you will learn a little history about the neighborhood along the way. Camden Heights is located within minutes of the 19th Street Shopping Center which makes it extremely convenient for our residents.

19th Street 1 ( Reasons Why You Should Call Houston Heights Home) is always a great choice for cute women’s clothing and accessories with an edgy twist. And of course everyone loves the vintage feeling when you walk in the door of ( 3 Reasons Why You Should Call Houston Heights Home). But you certainly can’t go wrong with ( 3 Reasons Why You Should Call Houston Heights Home) as you stroll down memory lane with antique items that are sure to bring on nostalgia. The possibilities are endless! WARNING: You WILL find things you didn’t even know you were looking for! And it is so close to Camden Heights! 2) White Oak Street – What is there not to love about White Oak Street in Houston Heights? With a wide variety of restaurants, and pubs, and organic markets, all within walking distance from each other, White Oak is one of the top neighborhoods for Houstonians to frequent. Sit back and enjoy the great Houston weather and enjoy the liveliness that this street has to offer. Grab some dinner at the famous BB’s Café and then walk down to ( 3 Reasons Why You Should You Call Houston Heights Home) for a drink afterwards. Have pets? That is OK in the Heights! Several pubs and restaurants cater to patrons with their pets and offer an outdoor dining area where you and your pet can unwind and enjoy the evening. Top places you have to visit if you come to White Oak? ( 2 Reasons Why You Should Call Houston Heights Home), ( Top 3 Reason to Call Houston Heights Home), ( 3 Reasons Why You Should You Call Houston Heights Home), and ( 3 Reasons to Call Houston Heights Home). These are simply to name a few. Whatever you are in the mood for I can assure you will find it on White Oak. Make Camden Heights your home and you will be within walking distance to everything White Oak has to offer! 3) Heights Hike and Bike Trail – A great trail for fitness enthusiasts out there and Camden Heights is only seconds away! We are the only community in Houston Heights with direct access to the bike trail! The Heights bike trail is absolutely beautiful with gorgeous scenic views of the city including Stude Park, Memorial Park, and the downtown skyline. This trail will take you into Downtown Houston within minutes. Want to hear something amazing about one resident of Camden Heights and the ( 3 Reasons to Call Houston Heights Home)? This trail offers a great way to maneuver within the city as it links to the ( 3 Reason Why You Should Call Houston Heights Home) and White Oak Trail. The Heights Trail will lead you through the historic charm of the Heights with glimpses of the original Victorian- style homes that are nestled within the community. When you are done riding through the neighborhood, stop by White Oak for a refreshing drink and simply enjoy the neighborhood that you are sure to love. At Camden Heights, experience this neighborhood at its best with a quick stroll through the scenic streets and enjoy the great atmosphere that the Houston Heights has to offer. For those who have made the Heights home, it is all about the neighborhood, the people who live there, and the feeling you get when you come home to Houston Heights. It is not simply a place you live but an entire lifestyle. It is one of those things you just have to experience to understand. So what are you waiting for? Come and experience Camden Heights and the great Houston Heights with us!

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