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Silent Night, Quiet Night: Why Quiet Hours are Important at Your Community
photo courtesy of iStock
photo courtesy of iStock
Brooke Kinert
Monday, Dec. 20, 2021

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern property management, Camden has continued to be an industry leader in providing an unparalleled living experience. One aspect of this experience is that our Camden Communities enforce quiet hours that start at 10 PM and end at 8 AM the following morning. Why is this important? Why do we need these quiet hours? What’s the point? I’m glad you asked!

Skyline views of Downtown Denver

Nighttime views of Camden RiNo in Denver, CO

Why are Quiet Hours important?

With apartment living, you are often living in tight quarters with neighbors on all sides of you. This, coupled with walls built in the late 20th century that may or may not keep out that much noise, you can imagine the frustration some people may feel when a neighbor begins to play loud music, have multiple friends over, or start a nightly workout routine. Quiet hours are designed to ensure that all residents can sleep, relax, work, and simply enjoy their space without worrying about too much noise coming from their neighbors. Quiet hours are important because this allows our residents to find peace and relax after a hard day.

What happens if the Quiet Hours are ignored?

Residents can choose not follow the quiet hours, but they will be making a HUGE mistake by doing this. Being an inconsiderate neighbor can cause major consequences. For example, if someone decided to put Cannibal Corpse on at full blast at 1 AM, they can count on their neighbors reporting them to the leasing office. After having a noise complaint filed, the leasing office will follow up with and request that all noise be kept at a reasonable volume after 10 PM. If this request is not followed and further noise is reported after 10 PM, the management team will issue a lease violation. If there are more complaints about the same individua after this is issued l, the office can take legal action up to but not limited to the termination of the offender’s lease. Of course, no one in the office wants to end a lease prematurely or take legal action, but proper consequences will be dealt with to the offender if community policies are not followed.

Poker tables in resident lounge for game night

Residents enjoying time together at Camden Royal Oaks

What’s the point of Quiet Hours?

When you choose to live in a Camden community, you are choosing living excellence. By instituting quiet hours and enforcing them, your Camden office team can work with you and your neighbors to provide a uniquely tranquil living experience. The point of quiet hours is to provide our residents with the opportunity to be in their space, to immerse themselves in their minds and spirit. By having this opportunity, you can vastly improve your own mental health and sleep cycles.

How can I make sure I don’t violate the Quiet Hours?

To avoid noise complaints during quiet hours, make sure to do the following:

- Keep music and TV volumes at a reasonable level. It may be too loud if you can hear your living room from your bedroom.

- If entertaining guests, keep your windows and doors closed so that sounds can’t escape the apartment.

- Do not do heavy exercises or drop weights (don’t do this EVER!)

- Use an inside voice. No need for yelling!

Interested in keeping the noise in your apartment and not letting it escape? Click here to read about how to best soundproof your apartment for enjoying music and movies even during late nights! All photographs used in agreement with Camden Property Trust.

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