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The Groove is in the Heart, The Sound Stays in the Room
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Friday, Jul. 2, 2021

Apartment living is becoming more common for Americans and communities all over the country are offering amazing amenities and living spaces that previous generations could have only dreamed of. There is, however, one constant in all these innovations and advancements: noise. Neighbors have gone to literal war over noise that could easily be controlled.

Today, you are going to learn techniques to improve the acoustics of your apartment, as well as options for soundproofing!

Do you love experimenting with sonic sounds with your new guitar amp? Are you testing your new surround sound speakers by watching John Wick? The following strategies will help YOU enjoy your space, but also keep your neighbors happy as well!

Soundproofing Made Easy!

One way to limit the amount of vibrations coming from your home is to use acoustic paneling.  These foam products can be installed on a wall in either square, rectangle, diamond, or even creative zig-zag patterns to reduce ringing and vibrations in a room. 

Sound proof recording studio

Soundproof Recording Studio at The Camden Apartments in Los Angeles, CA

If you’ve ever been in a recording studio or rehearsal space, you’ve seen these panels before! These panels can be installed with simple Velcro strips, limiting the amount of damage made to the wall. People who work from home can also install these panels behind their computers if they speak on video conference calls all day. This will help limit the amount of noise traveling to a neighbor’s living space. Some communities even have rehearsal spaces as amenities, such as The Camden in Hollywood, CA

For the Grooving Musician As a bass guitar player, I need to practice. It is one of the only ways I can improve my musicianship. Practicing and living in an apartment can be difficult unless you follow these rules:

1. Play unplugged.

a. Simply do not plug your instrument (guitar, bass, electric drums) into your amp.  By going unplugged, you will avoid sending your vibrations into the floor...and your neighbor’s apartment.

2. If you’re recording, plug in directly into your computer or use headphones.

a. If you want to hear your effects, record your playing or do not want to play unplugged, use headphones.  Most modern amplifiers come with headphone jacks for people to use.  Use it, and your neighbors will thank you.

b.  Plugging directly into your computer to record effectively will cut your sound in half while still giving you the chance to hear your sounds.

3. Follow Community Guidelines.

a. If you’re playing your instrument after 9 PM, you’re doing it wrong. At many Camden communities quiet hours start at 10 PM. Any loud noise reported after that time can lead to a lease violation.

b. If you can’t find time until after those hours, find a practice space away from your apartment.

4. Use a Mute

a. If you are playing a woodwind or brass instrument, invest in a mute. These products not only mute your physical sound but also provide earbuds for you to hear what you are playing!

These tips and tricks will help keep you and your neighbors happy! Always make sure to follow up with your leasing office to learn the quiet hours and learn what can and can’t be modified in your apartment.

Tips for Movie Lovers

Finally, I want to cover options for home entertainment centers. Having surround sound and a deep bass subwoofer really brings the theater home, but do you think your neighbors are in the mood to listen to Avengers: End Game? Usually not.

The best way to ensure that your speakers and sound bars do not affect your neighbors is to keep them away from the walls and to keep your volume at a reasonable level. Bose headphones are a great option if you want to crank up the volume without disturbing anyone. Keep your speakers at least 6 to 12 inches away from any walls and using speaker stands can help keep the vibrations from getting to your neighbors. Noise and noise pollution are among the biggest challenges facing people in apartments today. By following these tips, you can maximize your enjoyment of your apartment, while not disturbing your neighbors! These 15 tips on being a good neighbor will make you a favorite at your Camden Community.

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