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This Could Be Your New Favorite Sport: Pickleball
Photo courtesy of iStock Photo
Photo courtesy of iStock Photo
Laura  Brink
Friday, Jul. 2, 2021

It’s July! Your Camden community pools are open and gorgeous, your neighbors are all working with their patio doors open, and all kinds of interesting things are sprouting in the community garden. After a year of lockdown, I know you’re ready to get outside and learn something new! May I suggest pickleball? If your Camden community has a tennis court, you are in for some serious summer fun.

Photo by Camden

The stunning tennis court at Camden Peachtree City in Peachtree City, Georgia.

I know what you’re thinking – you said pickleball, and then you said tennis court. What sport are we playing here?! You are utilizing that beautiful Camden tennis court to master a new game – pickleball. Pickleball is a combination of all the fun things about tennis, badminton, and ping pong. You simply lower a tennis court net and let the games begin! Grab an affordable pickleball paddle, a plastic ball with holes, and a friend, and it is pickleball time!

Photo by Joan Azeka on Unsplash

Photo courtesy of Joan Azeka on Unsplash

Have you only heard of pickleball because your grandparents play? Then you might be surprised to learn that pickleball was invented when three suburban dads wanted to spice up their kids’ usual activities in the summer of 1965. Tennis was too much for young children, and ping pong left them stuck inside, so these Seattle friends decided to lower the net and voila – pickleball.

Photo by Camden

The show-stopping court at Camden Portofino in Pembrooke Pines, Florida.

Camden prides itself on accessibility and inclusion, and the flexibility of a tennis court being turned into a pickleball court is just one of many examples of how Camden makes amenities work for all ages and interest levels. When you’re ready to take on this new challenge, reach out to your Camden team and ask them to help you lower the net.

Photo by Camden

The sun-soaked courts at Camden San Paloma in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Pickleball is also famously known as a social game. Have you had a hard time getting to know your Camden neighbors during the last few months? I have, too. But getting out on the court has made it incredibly easy to run into people, and we automatically have something to talk about – this awesome game!

You can learn more about pickleball and get all your gear from the original founders at

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