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Attention Parents: Summer is Approaching!
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
Marian De Paula
Saturday, May. 4, 2024

Summer is an amazing time to enjoy with our children. It is the time of less schoolwork for kids, and more planning for parents! How can we make it less stressful for parents, and keep the kids entertained and thriving while living at a Camden community? Here are some tips:

Enjoy the community amenities, and pick times to beat the heat

Summer brings the joy of outdoor activities, but some caution is advisable, especially for children.

• Use the pool during the cooler hours of the morning or late afternoon - avoiding the peak hottest times of the day.

• Sunscreen and safety vests are essential items for ensuring that the little ones can enjoy their splash time safely.

These precautions allow for fun and safe summer days and ensure that the memories made are happy and healthy ones.

Most of our communities include common areas with entertaining spaces, great for hanging out with your family. Enjoying these areas is a wonderful way to balance quiet time with social and active play and make new and local friends!


Photo courtesy of Pexels

Say hi to other parents and neighbors

Building a supportive community within your community can have a positive impact on both parents and children. When parents connect and share their experiences, they create a network of support that can offer advice, empathy, and practical help.

For children, growing up in a friendly and interactive environment can contribute to their social development and emotional well-being. By sharing playtimes and experiences, parents not only enrich their own lives but also create a nurturing environment for their children to thrive. When you see your neighbors and/or other parents, say hi!

Be a positive role model and keep your community thriving

When you go out with kids, you are probably carrying a lot of stuff! Snacks, sunscreen, towels, wipes, did I mention snacks?! Instilling good community practices in children is essential for fostering a sense of responsibility and respect. Teaching them to properly dispose of trash helps maintain cleanliness and order in communal spaces.

Additionally, encouraging polite interactions with neighbors and adherence to community rules not only promotes harmony but also sets a positive example for others to follow. These small acts contribute significantly to the overall well-being of our neighborhoods. Try it and see how you feel!

Pack a Bathing Suit kids to cool down

Photo courtesy of Camden

Find local activities for you and the family

Attend your local library’s children's story time, or take advantage of pre-packed activity kits in public parks or neighborhood venues.

Local libraries are fantastic community resources, especially for kids and families. Many libraries have free programs, events and services for kids and families to enjoy together. Each library has its unique offerings, so I recommend checking out your local library’s website or contacting them directly for the most up-to-date information on programs and services. It is a nice way to support children's curiosity, stay in a nice cool environment away from the heat, and learn something new!

Enjoy the sunshine, laughter, and quality time with your kids!

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