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Making a Splash at Your Community: Pool Guidelines and You!
Photo courtesy of Adobe Express
Photo courtesy of Adobe Express
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Thursday, Jul. 27, 2023

This summer is H-O-T!! Are you looking to cool off with a dip in your Camden community pool? During the hottest times of the year, your community pool will be the place to cool off and enjoy some sun.

While you are relaxing, it is important to make sure you are aware of the community rules and guidelines for the pool, and standard safety regulations in the area where you live. The best way to make a splash is to do it safely!

Resort style swimming pool and spa with palm tree landscape

Photo Courtesy of Camden Martinique in Costa Mesa, CA

The Right Attire, The Right Time!

While it may appear obvious, one major guideline at your Camden community pool is wearing proper attire. Swimming trunks, bathing suits, and rash guards are fine to wear while in the community pool.

What is not okay are street clothes, undergarments, and overall non-swimming attire. Street clothes and other non-swimming attire can contain dyes and chemicals that can affect the water, so please only wear swimwear while in your Camden pool.

Careful and Safe Use is the Best Use!

Since most pools do not have a lifeguard on duty, diving and other aquatic horseplay are strictly prohibited. Activities like this can lead to injuries that no one wants to have during the summer season! Make sure to review the pool area for signage describing all the activities prohibited within the pool area. If you come to the pool area and the water is discolored or there is debris in the pool, notify the office staff immediately. This will allow the technicians onsite to clean the pool, remove debris, and balance the chemicals within the pool to make it safe. Sometimes if required, the staff may need to drain the pool to clean it and sanitize it.

camden main and jamboree apartments irvine ca junior sized olympic pool

Photo Courtesy of Camden Main and Jamboree in Irvine, CA

A Courteous Swimmer, Is a Great Swimmer!

While in the pool area, you may notice that there are apartments, balconies, and other communal areas surrounding the pool area. Residents should remain courteous while in the pool area.

This includes keeping screaming to a minimum and using earphones to listen to music. Boomboxes and Bluetooth speakers are prohibited in the pool area.

Make sure to check in with your leasing office to learn if there are any other items prohibited within the pool area, such as floating toys, squirt guns, or anything else. Being a courteous neighbor begins with you!

Camden Tempe West Apartments in Arizona two outdoor stainless steel barbecue grills and seating area

Photo courtesy of Camden Tempe Apartments in Tempe, AZ

Drinks and Food Under the Sun

While at the pool, you may want a tasty beverage to cool off. This is great, and helps you stay hydrated! Our residents can enjoy beverages at the pool, but glass containers are strictly prohibited. Glass is not permitted because if it breaks, people can step on the broken pieces and cause injuries. No bueno! Glass can also get into the pool and ruin the systems.

Also, please remember to remove your trash and waste from the pool areas. A clean pool is a happy pool!

Following these guidelines, you will be able to enjoy your Camden community pool all summer long. Want more ideas on how to have a great pool day - check out our 5 best tips!

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