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5 Pawsome Places to Take Your Pup in the Triangle
Photo courtesy of Camden Crest Apartments
Photo courtesy of Camden Crest Apartments
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Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2021

Walking through your Camden community, it is not uncommon to be greeted by some tail wags from one of your many furry neighbors. We are pet-friendly across all of our communities, and our three pet limit is one of the many perks that draws new residents in!

Taking your pet on an adventure is one of the best ways to explore your city and there’s no better way to socialize than with your fur baby by your side! This article is going to dive into some of the best pet-friendly places I have come across in the Triangle.

Southern Community Dog Park - Chapel Hill

Southern Village Park is a beautiful park located in the heart of Chapel Hill, only 8 minutes from Camden Governors Village, and it has one of the most spacious dog parks in the area. With two sides to it - one for pets under 25 lbs and the other for pets over 25 lbs - it has endless room for your dog to run.

Filled with gorgeous trees, plenty of benches, a pool for your dog to cool down in during a hot day, and so much more, it’s an ideal spot for those evenings after work when you want to unwind and let your dog burn off some energy. One of my favorite parts is that it’s almost always filled with other pups and their owners, making it an ideal spot to meet a new friend or just get some light socialization in! It has a great community feel and your dog is guaranteed to come home tired.

Shelley Lake - North Raleigh

Shelley Lake is nestled into the wooded neighborhoods of North Raleigh, only 4 minutes from Camden Overlook and 7 minutes from Camden Manor Park, and has a 2.2-mile paved pathway surrounding it. While it’s beautiful all day long, my favorite time to hit this trail is in the evening when you can catch one of Raleigh’s beautiful sunsets over the water! You and your pup can sit along one of the various docks or bridges to watch the birds fly over the lake, or watch the fishermen reel in some fish. On a hot day, your dog can cool off in the lake too as there are several gradual shores along the way that is perfect for swimming. You’ll run into plenty of other pups as you meander along the trail.

Trophy Brewing and Pizza - Raleigh

With Raleigh being such a dog-loving city, it is no surprise that many of the restaurants have pet-friendly patios. One of my favorites is Trophy Brewing and Pizza and it’s only 10 minutes from Camden Asbury Village, and 12 minutes from Camden Carolinian. Their drinks and pizza are fantastic, and the patio is a fun, casual place to meet up with some friends and bring your dog along with you. Don’t be surprised if the server is ready with a bowl of water to give your pup, and chances are you’ll run into some other furry friends while you dine. Trophy has three locations, making it very convenient to go to regardless of which Camden community you may live at in the Triangle.

Vicious Pup ready to protect your home (Photo by Camden Phipps)

William B. Umstead State Park - Raleigh Whether you and your dog enjoy a light, leisurely walk, or prefer a higher intensity hike, Umstead Park has got you covered. With over 5,500 acres of land, the park is easily accessible from parts of Raleigh, Cary, and Durham - it’s only 5 minutes from Camden Crest! If you can’t decide which trail to take, Sal’s Branch Trail is one of the highest recommended for those accompanied by a dog. This park is one of Oak City’s gems and is the perfect place to embark on a weekend adventure. Be sure to snap a picture of your pup in the beautiful scenery and share it on MyCamden for your neighbors to see!

Bark in the Park - Durham

One thing Durham is best known for is their Minor League baseball team, the Durham Bulls. Durham is just a quick trip up i-40 from most of our Raleigh communities, only 22 minutes from Camden Westwood, and there is no better night to catch a game than during one of their “Bark in the Park” evenings. Tickets for yourself and your dog are inexpensive, and the proceeds from all canine tickets go to Second Chance Pet Adoptions! The lawn is the designated area for dogs and dog owners, and it’s a blast to watch the game and eat some ballpark food with your furry pal. You just might meet a new friend who shares your love for sports and dogs! Hopefully, this article helps you venture to new spots in the Raleigh area, one tail wag at a time!

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