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Tips for Hosting a Game Watch Party In Your Apartment
Photo courtesy of Camden Farmers Market
Photo courtesy of Camden Farmers Market
Nicole Churchwell
Friday, Jan. 21, 2022

Many may go out for the game day experience, but Camden residents have the upper hand with the help of our tips on how to host a game-watching party in your apartment! With so many sports to watch, the NFL playoffs, hockey, basketball, and the upcoming Winter Olympics, just to name a few, you can find tons of reasons to get together to watch a game with your friends or family. Try these three tips out, and you and your guests will enjoy your apartment all while showing your team spirit.

Set Up a Snack Spot

  • Use your kitchen bar or dining room table to have all your snacks & drinks in one spot.

  • Do a buffet-style table where the kitchen table is the dip zone and guests can sit down in the nearby room on a large pillow, footstool, or couch.

  • If you don’t have a kitchen table, try using other areas like your kitchen countertop, or, fold-out futons out flat and place a large mirror on top that acts as a table's surface.

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Whip up a gorgeous cheese board in your Camden kitchen! photo courtesy of Pexels

Rearrange Your Furniture

  • Utilize a long coffee table with pillows or footstools as seating

  • Don't be afraid to move your kitchen table into the family room or use a side bench instead of dining room chairs, so everyone has a place to sit.

  • Make sure nothing is blocking a view of the tv, so everyone can enjoy the game action.

Contemporary style open-concept dining and living room with hardwood-style flooring

Photo courtesy of Camden Cypress Creek

Be Smart With the Space You Have

• Have your guests label their drinks to avoid having a pile of dirty cups. • Use wine charms, drink stirrers, or a marker. • Designate a place for your guests to put their things to avoid feeling cramped, like a bedroom for purses and coats.

Wherever you live, you can throw some kind of game day party. Entertaining in a small space is a wonderful idea because it promotes coziness and closeness with your friends, family, and neighbors.

Whether it's a studio apartment or a three-bedroom apartment, you can host a great party as long as you prepare! If you find that you still need space, utilize the outdoor grilling areas or clubhouse in your Camden community.

Once you’re all done, it's clean-up time. Read about the best ways to Save Money & Time on Cleaning Your Kitchen.

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