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Take a Trip to the Grand Canyon from Phoenix!
Photo courtesy of Photography by Elizabeth David
Photo courtesy of Photography by Elizabeth David
By Guest Blogger
Wednesday, May. 25, 2016

The Grand Canyon is about a three and a half hour drive from the Phoenix area, where many of our Camden communities are located. So if you’re looking for a weekend trip this is a great one to take! The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. I can tell you first hand it is truly amazing to see in person! My family and I left early on Wednesday and stopped at Montezuma’s Castle on our way.

Montezuma's Castle

Montezuma's Castle - Photo by Elizabeth David

Located near Cape Verde, Arizona, Montezuma’s Castle is a cliff dwelling that was carved between 1000 and 1425 AD . It costs $10 per person for entry into the park or you can visit on one of the ‘Fee Free Days in 2016’. 

Fee Free Days in 2016:

  • January 18: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • April 16 - 24: National Park Week

  • August 25-28: National Park Service's Birthday Weekend

  • September 24: National Public Lands Day

  • November 11: Veterans Day

It’s a great stop on your way to the Grand Canyon and gives you a chance to get out and stretch your legs!

If you are planning to stay overnight, I love to stay along the South Rim at the Kachina Lodge. It’s right on the rim of the canyon and you are able to get to a lot of the amenities easily from this location.

Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon

Bright Angel Trail - Photo by Elizabeth David

The Bright Angel Trail gives you a great perspective below the rim of the canyon. There are day hikes or for the more adventurous folks you can hike all the way to Plateau Point and the Phantom Ranch. My father and I walked about ¼ down the trail to walk off some of our dinner. You would be surprised how the elevation will hit you on the walk back up to the rim.

The shuttle bus around the rim of the canyon is a great way to experience the Grand Canyon. It’s free and offers many great spots to provide new view points of the canyon. In some places you can even see the Colorado River! You can get off and explore, walk to the next stop or just stay on the bus until the end. It is your choice how you see the canyon but I highly recommend this bus tour, since it won’t cost you a dime!

Grand Canyon

 Grand Canyon - Photo by Elizabeth David

If you want to live near this AMAZING National Park, check out our Phoenix area locations and find your new home! Have fun exploring!

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