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Summer Meal Prep 3 Delicious Ideas
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By Guest Blogger
Wednesday, Jun. 22, 2016

I tried some delicious Summer meal prep ideas! I know especially when summer rolls around I need some new fresh, healthy, summer meal prep ideas. I am always looking for my next new favorite. Here are my top 3 delicious Summer meal prep ideas!

Spaghetti squash is a longtime favorite of mine and who doesn’t love healthy Italian! combined spaghetti squash and caprese to make the ultimate fresh, week-long meal. It uses fresh, summer ready ingredients for bright flavors and bold colors. This sits in the refrigerator for a whole week without degrading in flavor at all. You can make large batches and stock up for the whole family. Stock up on cherry tomatoes, fresh garlic, basil, spinach and  Mozzarella cheese. This spaghetti squash caprese bake will become a new staple in your household!

3 Summer Meal Prep Ideas

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Buffalo Chicken is another tried and true favorite of mine. Plus a light side of ranch minimizes calories and keeps it cool for summer time! This uses a crock pot so no slaving over a hot oven through the heat of summer. It takes some fresh chicken breast, buffalo sauce, water, and frozen cauliflower. The frozen cauliflower is an excellent way to sneak in vegetables and thicken up the chicken. You can freeze this to extend the life if you make a large enough to batch. Throw it on some simple greens, toss a little cheese on top.  You now have a delicious, nutritious, and filling lunch or dinner!

3 Summer Meal prep Ideas

 What is summer without ice cream? Cool off with some cake batter frozen yogurt from  I have been making this for years. Each individual bowl is less than 100 calories and has around 15 grams of protein each. This is excellent summer time snacking! Make a large batch, freeze, and sprinkle with a few jimmies when you are ready to enjoy! also makes this and included the beautiful picture below!

3 Summer Meal Prep Ideas

Each of these are favorites of mine that I am sure to stock up on once the weather begins to warm up. I like to make big batches and freeze so I can always come back to them if I need to. This gets me out of the kitchen and out in the sun for as much time as possible!

 Are there any special meal prep recipes you use for the summer? Do you have any tips or advice on how to change or use the recipes listed above? Let us know!  

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