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Reasons why you should support local music!
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By Guest Blogger
Tuesday, Apr. 26, 2016

Have you ever wondered where major mainstream artists come from? Once upon a time, they all started out as a local musician chasing their dream to inspire others with their music. It’s important to support your local musicians and I’ve listed all the major reasons why!

Attending major artist concerts can be a bundle of fun, but the possibility of meeting and conversing with the musicians is fairly low - unless you buy a meet and greet and that can be pretty pricey. The capacity of the audiences can also make it difficult to find a good spot or area to watch the performance. Yet, attending a local artist’s show can be just as fun and more than likely, you’ll be able to meet and gain friendships from the musicians and their supporters.

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy music festivals and concerts, but sometimes your wallet doesn’t agree (living in the Live Music Capital of the world doesn’t make this any easier). The benefit of supporting local musicians is that it’s cost efficient. Typically, their covers vary from $5-$10 admission vs.  $40+ mainstream tickets, and a lot of the time they’ll provide free shows! Local musicians are loyal to their fans, mainly because they’re the reason they’re able to play their music and they rely on their supporters to continue their dream.

Support local music!

Supporting local musicians not only helps the local economy, but the community as well. It keeps local venues, restaurants/bars, and music appreciation lively and strong! If the local artists that you support make it to the top, it’s an awesome feeling to stand back knowing you’ve been there from their first shows as a small artist and witnessed their growth into a recognized talent in the music industry.

So get out there and go support local music!  Chances are you’ll be finding great, undiscovered music and awesome people behind the art!

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