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DIY Succulent Terrarium
Photo courtesy of photo taken by Colette LaPorte
Photo courtesy of photo taken by Colette LaPorte
By Guest Blogger
Friday, Feb. 17, 2017

A simple DIY succulent terrarium is a great addition to any apartment home!  This was a quick project and also fairly inexpensive.  If you don't have a green thumb, don't worry! Succulents are very low maintenance and require little attention.  Maintaining them is almost as easy as it is to make the terrarium itself.  You can pick up almost all of the materials from home-garden stores such as Home Depot and craft stores like Michael's.  

What you'll need

  • Any size terrarium

  • Sand

  • Cactus potting soil mix

  • Assorted succulents

  • Rocks or pebbles (optional)

  • Preserved moss (optional)

DIY Succulent Terrarium Materials

Once you've gathered your supplies you are ready to begin!  Be sure to work in a space that can potentially get messy.  I made mine outside on my apartment patio.  For the base layer we will use our sand to provide water drainage for your succulent.  Depending on the size of the terrarium you will put a small layer.  

DIY Succulent Terrarium Step 1

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I added an additional layer of rocks on top of my sand for decoration.  This layer will also aid in the drainage of excess water.  This layer is not necessary as long as there is one bottom layer for drainage.

Simple DIY Succulent Terrarium Step 2

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Now comes the exciting part: adding the succulents!  I did a thin layer of soil before placing my succulents inside the terrarium.  Once you have the succulents in place, add soil so that their roots are covered and they are secure.  Keep in mind your succulents can easily be moved and give them enough space for their roots to grow.  

DIY Succulent Terrarium Step 3

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We will finish this fun project with adding stones or moss, if desired, for our final layer.  I added small rocks to mine but the possibilities are endless.  These terrariums are your own little world you can create!  Amethyst crystals, larger rocks, or moss would be great decorative additions to any terrarium.

DIY Succulent Terrarium Step 4

Now that our terrarium's are complete be sure to place them somewhere where they get a little sunlight.  Succulents do not require much sunlight and may die if exposed to too much.  Your succulents will only need a little spritz of water from a water bottle every two weeks or so.  They would also benefit from a little succulent food every few weeks. 

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