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Celebrate Five Unique Ways to Gift Sustainably This Winter
Photo courtesy of Pexels
Photo courtesy of Pexels
Celeste Cordero
Friday, Dec. 17, 2021

There are many ways to gift green-friendly presents and keep your new sustainability habits part of your lifestyle this holiday season. The environment doesn't have to be a burden; we've written multiple times on how small changes can lead to a significant impact on our environment. Creativity and thoughtfulness go into choosing a gift for your loved ones. There are endless directions to go when deciding on that special something, and with our ideas for sustainable gift-giving, your present will surely fit right in. Here are five sustainability-conscious ways to gift green and share the holiday cheer.


1. Skip the Blinging Wrapping Paper Try finding paper products you already own, like old newspapers, maps, and even posters you might have stored in your walk-in closet to hide your surprise. Take a detour from the paper route and place your eco-friendly gift in a reusable box, bag, or basket. There's nothing better than a two-in-one gift. If you're planning to outsource, places like Wrappily carry sustainable wrapping paper that will look stylish under any tree.


2. Reusable Items as Gifts (For Those Returning To Work) If your recipient has recently returned or is planning on returning to an office, send them on their way with a classic lunch box. Plasticware can be damaging to the environment and lose durability over time. Take a greener approach in your gifting and share a lunch box that will bring health and happiness throughout their uses.

3. Donate To Your Community Spread the Christmas joy and give back to the community. If selecting toys, choose items with minimal packaging and find rechargeable toys that don't need single-use batteries. Reusable clothing items like jackets, shoes, jeans, and bed linens are also great options to donate. If you feel something tugging on your heartstrings, go for it!

4. For The Four-Legged Friends Surely we all know a dog-mom or dad. An excellent home and pet owner gift is a pet-focused air purifier and accessories. Having clean air in the home and capturing unwanted pet germs pushes towards a more sustainable lifestyle and might earn you the title: best gifter. Need something smaller? Look for collars, leashes, and chew bones made from natural ingredients. These items can easily be overlooked but play an equally important role in protecting our planet.


5. Share an Experience Time is something we can not buy, but gifting an experience is. Take your recipient's lifestyle and interests into account. Experience-driven gifts can be dance lessons for a newly engaged couple or a meal preparing kit to make with your best friend. These types of gifts are creative, have little to zero waste and show the recipient you care.

Once the holiday season comes to a close, don't stop there! Instead of paper cards, send your loved ones digital thank you cards and have an eco-friendly holiday! For more ideas on living a more sustainable lifestyle, check out SimplyCamden!

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