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Camden Culture Creates Connections
Photo courtesy of Camden
Photo courtesy of Camden
Rachel Anderson
Friday, Oct. 23, 2020

At Camden…we are huggers. Not just a pat on the back or side hugs. Real, lovable, get in there and squeeze kind of hugs. During the last eight months, we have adapted to a new way of life. We are forgoing hugs and connecting in a new meaningful way with our team members.

How do we make sure Camden is a still great place to work during these uncertain times? As always, we focus on our nine core values to lead us in the right direction. One of Camden’s core values is Have Fun. We enjoy our hard work by laughing together and having fun. Another is People Driven - Our people are the reason for our success. We provide them with resources and opportunities to continue growing, contributing and succeeding. Using these two guiding principles, we have adapted to make sure our fantastic culture is still alive and well!


Photo courtesy of  Camden

Turning toward a more virtual team setting has allowed us to connect to team members across the country like we never have before. Instead of a quick email or phone call – we now video chat. Seeing our team members face to face lets us get to know each other in a new way, especially when you have dogs running in the background or kids popping in to say hi!  It has also allowed our executive leadership team, such as Chairman and CEO, Ric Campo (MFE’s Newest Hall of Fame Inductee) to interact with team members that they don’t get to see on an everyday basis.  

To keep the culture alive, we have had to get creative. We have brought our teams together across each city to have virtual game days of bingo, scavenger hunts and much more. We even start meetings where participants must have a creative background. We get to see baby pictures or show what TV show you have been binge-watching. These ice breakers keep us connected and have fun! Have you ever done a cooking lesson or chocolate tasting virtually? We have, and we had a blast! Our virtual world has helped us helps us celebrate significant milestones such as work anniversaries and birthdays across the country in the ease of one video chat.


Photo courtesy of _Dropping of goodies to our Camden Royal Palms team in Tampa, FL – Photo courtesy of Camden_

It doesn’t end there! We have even been dropping off fun treats and boxes full of surprises (gifts, candy, etc.) to our team members to enjoy. We have also been throwing out challenges to our team members to come together and get creative. When we say Camden is like a family, we mean it. Right down to the sibling rivalry that our communities get during our competitions! These different video challenges can energize and engage us at just the right moments and keep us driven towards our goals in a fun way to show and pass our Camden culture.


Photo courtesy of Camden North Quarter in Orlando, FL dropping our treats to our four-legged residents– Photo courtesy of Camden

Even during these uncertain times, our teammates think Camden is a Great Place to Work! Other outside organizations have recognized Camden as well this year.

  • Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for – 13 years in a row!

  • 2020 PEOPLE Companies that Care

  • 2020 Best Places to Work for Women

  • 2020 Best Places to Work for Millennials

Are you interested in working for Camden? Check out our careers website to see the latest openings near you today. We can’t wait for you to join the Camden family!

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