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Being Touristy Near Your Apartment Home - Visit Flagstaff, AZ
Photo by Vincent Ledvina from Unsplash
Photo by Vincent Ledvina from Unsplash
Jourdan Garcia
Saturday, Oct. 9, 2021

I lived in Flagstaff and enjoyed every second as it was a nature lover’s paradise! It is a great place to escape the desert heat and is only two hours away from my current home at Camden San Marcos in Scottsdale, AZ. Flagstaff is full of outdoor activities, and it is even near one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

If you are looking for a new adventure, not too far from our 12 Camden apartment home communities in Phoenix, check out my list of fun touristy things to do.

1. Arizona Snowbowl

One of the best parts about Flagstaff is you can find plenty of snow to play in without even leaving Arizona. Arizona Snowbowl is perfect when you want to break out your skis or snowboard and ride the mountain. It is a great mountain for a beginner like me and has plenty of runs for someone who is more experienced. Their winter season starts around mid-November and lasts until the end of April, giving you plenty of time to hit the slopes!

2. Inner Basin Trail

I love to hike, and exploring new trails is one of my favorite things to do. Flagstaff has over 100 accessible trails but after hiking around the town, the Inner Basin trail is my favorite. The trail starts in Lockett Meadow, where you can admire a beautiful forest of aspen trees and ends at the inner basin of an extinct volcano. This basin is covered in lush greenery and has one-of-a-kind mountains views that make the hike all worth it! The stunning mountain views you find have even been compared to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, where you can get a closer look at Camden Flatirons.

3. Flagstaff Extreme

Looking for an activity to get your adrenaline pumping? Flagstaff Extreme offers adventure and zipline courses to take you out of your comfort zone. When I did the course, I was terrified of the tightrope as I don’t do well with heights. I pushed myself and ended up going all the way across! Talk about a proud moment! The courses are great for the whole family, and you can book for group events as well.

4. Bearizona

Imagine being able to view wildlife from the comfort of your own car. Bearizona is a drive-thru wildlife park located 30 miles outside of Flagstaff. They also offer bus tours and a walk-through park for the full experience. Some animals you might find are black bears, wolves, reindeer, foxes, raccoons, and porcupines. My favorite part of the park is the baby bears. They try to climb up the pine trees, and it is absolutely adorable.

5. Grand Canyon

Last but not least, you can see one of the main attractions in all of Arizona. Flagstaff is the closest town to the Grand Canyon at only an hour and a half away. When I worked at a hotel in Flagstaff, I met people from all around the world that came to see the famous canyon. Pictures don’t do it justice as it feels like you are looking at a painting. I recommend you visit the spectacular sight yourself!

Photo courtesy of Jourdan Shiffer

Photo Courtesy of Jourdan Shiffer

Come back soon to see my favorite ideas of what to do to be touristy at home in Sedona, Arizona!

This post was brought to you by Jourdan Shiffer, Assistant Manager at Camden Foothills. Jourdan has been working with Camden for almost 1.5 years. Jourdan graduated from NAU with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, so she loves to check out all the local hot spots in and around her own area!

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