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Get This Look! 5 Awesome & Unique Balcony Decor Ideas
istock photo
istock photo
By Guest Blogger
Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017

Balconies are magical little things. They are little extensions of your Camden apartment that can showcase your personality just as much as the inside of your home. They also provide wonderful places to decompress after a long day at work, not to mention the fact that they are idyllic for small gatherings.  So, I ask you...why not do your balcony a solid and deck it out?

Balconies beg to be decorated and used. They want to be the place you have coffee in the morning and wine at night, the place you read a good book and sit with your legs up. They encourage conversations, creativity, and total relaxation. So, step up your balcony decor game by having the boss of all balconies with this starter guide. 

Private balconies at Camden Sedgebrook in Huntersville ,NC

Photo courtesy of Camden Sedgebrook

For the Plant Lover

Plants = Life. Well, if you have a green thumb they do. Plants are such a wonderful way to add color and breathe life into any area. For this balcony decor look, plants are the focal point so a shelving system like the one pictured is a slam dunk for showing off your potted plants. Throw in a neat chair, some outdoor rugs and a few ground-level pots and you've got a babe of a balcony. Make sure whatever plants you use work with the particular season as well as the amount of sunlight, direct and indirect, that your balcony gets at all points of the day. 

For the Lover of Light

For balcony decor where the focus is on lighting, you have so many items to choose from. You can get your light source from a combination of things like string lights, string bulbs, lanterns, wick-less candles, and floor pop lights. Pairing them with a simple bistro table set, cozy blankets, an outdoor rug and a potted flower plant makes this balcony become what dreams and dare I say, romantic nights, are made of. 

Balcony with storage and view of lake and water fountain

photo courtesy of Camden Waterford Lakes

For the Uber Relaxer

Please tell my loved ones that if they ever cannot find me, I'm wherever this happens to be, curled up and away from the world.  A balcony like this is the epitome of relaxation especially during months where the weather is mild and calm. It screams words like relax, cozy and comfortable.  To achieve this bliss, you need a base and padding for the "bed", some outdoor blankets and pillows, a little bit of lighting, an outdoor rug and've now got the balcony corner of which all-balcony corners are jealous. 

For the Minimalist

A chair and a plant. There you go! I kid, I kid. Kind of. The whole idea behind the minimalist lifestyle is less is just right. So, in all honesty, a chair and a plant, just as in the photo, would be right in line with that idea. With there being so little on the balcony, the best thing is to pack some punch in those items. Go for a really sleek chair and one killer planter and you can call yourself a minimalist master.

For the Rustic-Type

For rustic balcony decor, think wood and distressed finishes. Pairing a rustic bistro set with some rustic flowers and a lighter color palette makes this look take off. Polish it off with a patterned rug and a little wooden plant stand and your look is complete. This is a really fantastic and sweet balcony to come home to.

Private patio with view of mountains

photo courtesy of Camden Glendale


  1. Make sure your outdoor decor is weatherproof and mildew resistant.

  2. Keep the size of your space in mind. Don't choose pieces that will overwhelm. You will still need space to move around (and entertain if that is your jam).

  3. The plants you choose need to work with the life you lead and the amount of work you are willing to put in.

  4. Don't forget to check to see if your patio has an outlet. This will determine what kind of lighting you choose.

  5. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns. 

Don't feel limited to just one style. You could certainly mix these styles for your perfect haven. Now, while all of these ideas are currently swirling in your head, find your new home at any Camden across the U.S. There are so many incredible apartments to choose from with balconies that are a match made in heaven with your vision.

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