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Why Living in Midtown was the Best Decision EVER
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Monday, Mar. 4, 2019

At SoulCycle a few weeks ago (before you roll your eyes, just give me a chance), the instructor welcomed a group of 5 flight attendants from the UK that were in town for a few days. She asked the rest of us locals to list off what makes Houston great. Naturally, we started off with food – specifically, tacos, ventured to music, artists, annual events (like the timely Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo) and rounded the list off with Bey, Queen B, the one and only, Beyonce.

Houston Armadillo Art

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As a former resident of the Midtown Houston area, I became nostalgic (which had repercussions on my choreography – another story for another day). I thought of why I moved to Midtown in the first place; I deemed it time to move out of my parent’s house and wanted to cut my commute down from an hour-fifteen to just the fifteen. I thought of my Craigslist roommate and ‘the sign’ I encountered when meeting her to see the apartment. ‘The sign’ being she was friends with a friend of a friend… oh, the good ol’ days. I thought of how much I broke out of my shell during those 3, almost 4, years of living in Midtown and how I owe almost all of it to my location; being in the center of it all, moving at a pace I had never experienced before and having the calm of my just-tidy-enough room to retreat to at the end of one of those too-busy days.

Midtown Houston Camden Communities

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Now, I’m not telling anyone how to live their life, but I am eternally grateful for those years living in Midtown because they taught me SO much. So, here I am, offering you all I learned and experienced that you might appreciate on your journey.


 Let’s face it – food rules and drinks help to wash it all down.

  • Griff’s [a less than 30-minute walk or less than 10-minute bike ride from all Camden Midtown Communities] Tuesday is Steak Night and that's all you need to know, but I will tell you more. "How is their steak night any better than that other place?" Glad you asked. 1. This is no normal-sized steak, it's a hefty portion of deliciousness 2. add an equally giant baked potato 3. add a draft beer AND best of all 4. It all equals $12.99?! I speak the truth – you can read it here.

  • Gloria’s Latin Cuisine [a less than 15-minute walk from all Camden Midtown Communities] Good food and TWO kinds of Salsa?! Why wouldn't you?

  • Natachee’s Supper ‘n Punch [a less than 30-minute walk from all Camden Midtown Communities] Honestly, they had me at the name and then I ate the food. 

  • Axelrad [a 20-minute walk from Camden McGowen Station and Camden Travis Street] One word; hammocks. Make that two words; hammocks, beer.

  • Leon’s Lounge [a 4-minute walk from Camden McGowen Station] Houston’s oldest bar with the BEST drink I’ll never trust myself to make; the Green on Red.

  • Mongoose versus Cobra [a less than 20-minute walk from all Camden Midtown Communities] Conveniently located across the street from Leon’s Lounge; for the Untappd, not exclusively, but I think you'll like this place.

  • Russo’s New York Pizzeria [a 3-minute walk from Camden City Centre] You may be wondering, “Why’d she include Russo’s? Those are everywhere.” 1. It’s a short walk for those nights you don’t feel like cooking. 2. Half-priced bottles of wine on Wednesdays 3. The Houston Rockets’ very own Clint Capela enjoyed a slice, no wine, on a ½ price wine Wednesday. 4. Their pizza always make my tummy happy.


As a native Houstonian, the thing I appreciate most about the city is the variety; there's something for everyone.

  • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo [a 20-min METRORail ride from Camden McGowen Station] I never did fully utilize the MetroRail while living in Midtown and I don't want you to make the same mistake. It's RIGHT THERE and it makes an otherwise frustrating task (getting to NRG via driving/parking or Uber-ing) SO. EASY. You'll save enough money to buy one of each of the HLSR's oh-so-tasty fried foods – you're welcome. 

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Photo courtesy of Photo c/o Leah Zavala – Smiles brought to you by an effortless arrival via the METRORail

  • Tour de Houston [begins at Houston City Hall, a 6-minute bike ride from Camden City Centre] In addition to the funds raised to benefit Houston's Reforestation Projects, the annual Tour de Houston provides an invaluable opportunity to participants to view and explore Houston as a community... via bike saddle. As a native Houstonian, this is one of my favorite rides because I've had the chance to see neighborhoods I otherwise might've never explored. 

Tour de Houston

Photo courtesy of Photo c/o Leah Zavala

  • MFAH Mixed Media [at MFAH, a 7-minute METRORail ride from Camden McGowen Station] Although there are no scheduled Mixed Media events on MFAH's calendar yet, MFAH hosts a variety of events where you can indulge in art and culture and it's too close not to take advantage. 

MFAH Mixed Media Event

Photo courtesy of Photo c/o Leah Zavala via Smilebooth

  • Mixers and Elixirs [at HMNS, a less than 15-minute METRORail or bike ride from all Camden Midtown Communities] As someone who thoroughly enjoys a good science museum, I'd highly recommend. It's like Night at the Museum meets The Magic School Bus with 'Elixirs' aka adult beverages.

HMNS Mixers and Elixers

Photo courtesy of Photo c/o Leah Zavala at a Halloween-themed Mixers and Elixers Event


Or not. You do you.

Houston Eleanor Tinsley Park

Photo courtesy of Photo c/o Leah Zavala at FPSF

And last, but certainly not least, GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR just-tidy-enough APARTMENT HOME

Equipped with ALL the adventures to go on in Midtown (you’re welcome) and the chic/cozy/conservative/quirky safe space you’ve created for yourself, I couldn’t let you walk away without having the knowledge to fully take advantage of everything our Midtown communities have to offer, including:

  • A 24-hour Fitness Center

  • Social Lounge with WiFi

Camden Midtown Community Amenities

Photo courtesy of Photos c/o Camden Midtown (top left), Camden City Centre (top right), Camden Travis Street (bottom left) and Camden McGowen Station (bottom right)

  • A Pool and Lounge Space

Camden Midtown Community Pools

Photo courtesy of Photo c/o Leah Zavala, Camden City Centre (top right) and Camden Midtown (bottom right)

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